by raishard

I had a one night stand with this female, I was 23 at the time and in military and she was older and way more experienced than me.she got pregnant and claimed it was mine but stated she would just claim I was the babys uncle??i was currently seeing someone else and just trying to get her to go away, plus I had never been thru the baby mamma drama before and she knew this, so when she found out that the girl I was dating was pregnant and I was happy she got very upset.

Anyway the baby was born and I wasnt sure if it was mine, but before I had said anything she had already set up a dna test and everything.she moved very quickly and due to my not knowing how things work in this situation, I believed she took advantage of the situation..we did some test that wasnt even in a lab with no witnes, the only results I received was an internet copy that she placed on my car even though I submitted my info and even when I call they have no record?, but as soon as the results came back she quickly had me sign a paternity affadivit on 6/10/02 the baby as born 5/10/02??the only eason I signed them is because of the results that she gave me so without an order I started paying support....well three years go by and im finished with nursing school and I start thinking how everthing went down using my current knowledge, I stop paying the money and tell her that I would like to go to court and get a court ordered support that way no one gets screwed in the long run, well she said no due to the fact that I had already signed affadivit...the child is 7 now and I have been trying to find her to serve her papers but the only thing I come up with is a po box number, over the years she has opened 4 different child supoort cases and even served me papers but did not follow thru on any of them...all I am asking for is a court appt dna test and father rights if she is mine..what is odds if we go to court that I get that???and will I be ordered back child support even if I have proof that I have been trying to find her??

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