Illinois Child Support Laws

As a custodial parent, applying for and receiving Illinois child support payments can be a daunting process. And for the non-custodial parent, the system may seem confusing and intimidating. This page will inform you about applying for, collecting, enforcing, paying, and modifying child support payments in the state of Illinois.

Illinois' Department of Health and Family Services can assist any parent who is interested in receiving child support payments from a non-custodial parent. The department can help the parent establish paternity, develop a child support order, and enforce Illinois child support payments. The department offers services to dependent children living in Illinois and those who live out of state.

Illinois Child Support Enforcement

The number of non-custodial parents who are sued for child support is increasing. More single parents are left with the responsibility to care for their children without any assistance from the non-custodial parent.

There are a number of ways that child support can be enforced and collected in the state of Illinois. Those methods are:

  • Intercept state and federal income taxes
  • Report to collection agency
  • Seizure of Assets
  • Denial of Passports
  • And the suspension of any type of License
"Please note that the non-custodial parent will be notified before any of the above enforcements take action." For Free legal consultation click Here

Applying For Child Support
By Phone
In the state of Illinois, if you are interested in receiving child support services, you can contact the Illinois Child Support Customer Service Call Center toll-free at 1-800-447-4278.

In Person
You can visit your local Child Support regional office in person to speak directly with a child support enforcement officer.

Via the Internet
You may also apply for child support services by visiting the following website: Apply for Illinois Child Support. This site will lead you to the child support application that you can print out, complete, and mail to your local child support regional office.

Modifying Child Support
Anytime there has been a significant change in the income, employment benefits, or custody status of either parent, you may request a review of the child support order. A review will determine if changes need to be made in the financial or medical support that is required. 

If you are on public assistance, a review will automatically be conducted every three years. If you are not receiving public assistance and you wish to request a child support review, you can contact one of the following child support enforcement offices by mail, fax, or email.

Cook County
If you have a Cook County child support order, you can request a child support review from the following office:

Division of Child Support Enforcement
32 West Randolph Street
10th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60601
Fax: 312-803-0873

Non-Cook County
If your child support order is with any county other than Cook County, you can contact the following office to request a child support review.

Division of Child Support Enforcement
Attention: Mail Response Unit
509 South Sixth Street
Springfield, Illinois 62701,
Fax: 217-557-5538

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