Injustace for Child and Mother - MIdland County Story 27K owed

by Dee

The Man owes over 25K he has been picked up and, works, he walks he breaths he has a home, he drives a car all that he put in someone else s name. Midland County knows where he lives. It is near Flint.

Did I mention over the years of him promising to Pay the FOC and never doing so that they still said," OK." and canceled hearings the day of to enforce and I even had to appear and no one told me they did that and there again no payments just a promise broken? I had to take off work. I had to lose my home from his debt my attorney told me, " to file Bankruptcy as I would never get any money from this man."

He doesn't pay a dime or see his son and that was 16 years ago. He stole, from me, lied and conned me and took me thousands of dollars in dept by opening Credit in my name. The list goes on. Did I mention that last time he showed up to court with O2 on claiming to have COPD? He will do anything to not be accountable.
Does the System work no! Why does he get to walk and others that have missed one and see there kids and make payments are in Jail?

Midland County does nothing to pursue him they didn't even put him on Parole after he was incarcerated last year....GET THIS. "As it doesn't help they said!" The courts have let him walk over over again, he owes back taxes and he owes court costs. No one makes him pay a dime.

No, I am not on public Assistance but I am certain this man is and still working for cash under the table.

My family is hundreds of miles away. His lived just around the corner. Luckily my son is an Angel and God has blessed me in so many ways. God takes care of us.

His family never once asked to see him or send him a card. The next time I read about them was in an obituary- My sons fathers Mother- guess whom they mentioned in the obituary? My son.. the one they never bothered to contact see or even say hi too! He was one year old the last time any had seen him GO Figure! I had stopped by twice to ask them if they wanted to reach out to or see him to please do, as he had no family around and would like that still nothing.

The courts do nothing. How can I help my son? There is a Warrant out has been and no one does anything anyway. The system is broken. He lives near flint, works construction indoors and out. How can I get my son deserves to have?

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