I have been recently Divorced and as a dad we all make mistakes in our lives.The dads in the world are always or shall I say most of time the blame for marriages gone bad,which is totally unfair to those of us who has busted out butts off to make our families safe and have a roof over thier heads.Child Support services for any state in my oppinion should not only look at what the mother contributed to or did'nt contribute to the marriage before rendering any judgement I say this becuase alot of states only need the mother to submit a INCOM WITH-HOLDINGNOTICE to get support services started,now dont you think it would be nice for a judge to have a hearing before money is taken aawayfrom our paychecks,and this goes for all the moms out thier who must pay support for your child.

All children must be provided for in this world becuase we made them,yes there are some TERRIBLE FATHERS out there and there are some HORRIBLE MOTHERS too!!,but it is us dads that who must pay for not only our mistakes but the mistakes of the mother as well,with all this said I guess my point is that the courts are favoring momsmore than dads and its hard for us dads to get fair treatment sometimes,I am still fighting my EX over money,the state of Hawaii terminated our case becuase my son is now 18,but since she moved to Virginia,she informed me that she try and get money from through that state, I think when one state drops the case all states should follow.

In closing I wantsay theres a difference bewtween a DAD and a FATHER andfor those who understand this may GOD BLESS US ALL!,becuase the system wont.


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not sure
by: Anonymous

I am not sure why Hawaii dropped your case . If you paid till he was eighteen . Then it should be over with. But If you did not pay. I will say that if you have a checking saving 401k cash out . Live on cash basis. Any non-exempt such as boats rv motorcycle & etc. Sale or put in a trusted family members name because they will get it. I know I have been their . And what ever you do dont come to Texas they are worse. Be their and done that. Good luck buddy.

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