International Abduction

by Bruce

Australia 07

Australia 07

In 2002 my children were abducted by the Australian mother and taken to Australia. We were stationed in Japan at the time in the USAF. I sought help from the military, my Illinois congressman, Illinois court, Australian court, US state Department and The state of Illinois..but got nowhere. I contacted the national center for missing and exploited children and filed proceedings under the HAGUE. I lost that case due to "habitual residency" as I was stationed in Japan. Apparently I was a habitual resident of Japan.

I separated from the USAF and finally got visitation rights in 2005 after some people from the Hague and national center for missing and exploited children condemned Australia for their actions.

The contact order was that I pay 100% travel cost for 2 children and mother + her expanses to come here every other year and I go there subsequent years. The average per yer is $8,000 to $10,000.

In Australia the law allows the payer of child support to deviate from child support if the contact cost is more that 5% of the child support. My cost of contact was 130% of the child support so I did not pay the full amount assessed.

Australia registered a "foreign Administrative Assessment" in my state. The assessment is for child support in the full amount that I have been paying over a year and for arrears. My state started withholding money and want me to pay arrears but I have never been to court as they refuse to give me a court date on my motion for appearance. Mind you I have never been to court on any of this in any country. It seems the state just stepped in and took money without due process.

No one seems to care that the children will not see me or the family anymore, not the court, not Australia, not the mother not the state.

In the end I had to explain to my children (12 and 14) that they will not be able to see me or the family any more because I cannot afford it. They did not take it very well.

Best interest of the child??? what a load of horse crap. It's the best interest of the court and the state and judges for all the federal tax dollars they will be getting for screwing my kids out of a loving father.

I may not be able to do anything about it but they will have to answer to a higher power one day. And fate has a way of coming back around.

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