Inter-state court order= NO CHILD SUPPORT

by Butterflygone

So what can I say? Here are the basics:
I left CA almost 4 years ago. We were being evicted, and had nowhere to go. I didn't run away, didn't kidnap the kids, just moved to AZ where my parent's moved to a few years back. Ex spent up all the rent money, AGAIN! This was the last straw. He knew I was leaving him and taking the kids. This was no surprise or shock to him. 10 LONG months later, my divorce was finalized and child support ordered. Mandatory garnishment in CA.

Because I was in AZ, and he was still in CA, this is what they call an "Inter-State" order. It basically means that the order was established here in AZ, but it's up to CA to enforce it. My ex's dad is the SUPERVISOR in the DA's office-Child Support Division. Needless to say, when my order was sent from AZ to CA, somehow the docs never made it. I was on the phone constantly with DES and the CA DA having the docs re-sent and trying to confirm it was receive. The DES sent my file a total of 5 times. Finally, after 3 months, and after complaining to the DA in CA that I would file charges against them for tampering with a court order, my child support was enforced.

You would think this a happy ending, right? Not so much. After 3 garnishments (a total of $1200), my ex quit his job. He also moved to another county (not exactly sure where) and lives in his girlfriend's house with her parents. For the past 3 years he has been persona non grata. He doesn't exist, or at least on paper.

I find it hard to imagine that he has gone this whole time without working. So my guess is that he's either a "freelance pharmacist" or the original county in CA has "lost" my court order again and isn't pursuing him. Either way, I am a single mom, supporting a 12 and 5 year old on my own, and without any government assistance. They say I earn too much to qualify?!? But that is a rant for another day, and another site.

So I've been told there is nothing I can do. It's CA's job to enforce this. I can have a some sort of enforcement order placed against him (in AZ), but I have to have him served first. Well, actually, I have to find him, then hire someone to serve him, and he actually has to show up in court. So basically I have better odds if I just play the lottery. As I said, I'm supporting 2 kids by myself. There's no extra cash for a wild goose-chase on a deadbeat dad.

I guess I should just hope that Karma makes this right for me, because the DES sure isn't on my side.

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I totally UNDERSTAND!!!
by: Anonymous

My court order is in Texas, and he lives in Colorado and Texas says they can not do any more then they are, because it is in CO hands to enforce!! This is what CO has on their site: Case Status
Status: Current support due
Category: Support ordered, taking actions to collect
Other Info: Obligor not Located
Obligor Employer: not Located and his total arrears in CO are $62,504.30 with montly support for 2 children only $450 a I do feel you!!! GOOD LUCK with yours!! Stay on them, and write every Goverment office you can think of, the AG Congress, just dont give up!!!

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