Is American (US) a Children's Paradise?

by Xiao Ying
(Marietta, GA, USA)

Protesting in DC for my children

Protesting in DC for my children

Before I came to US in 2000, I had heard American was children's paradise, young men's battlefield.

Battlefield may true, because everyone knew US constitution let its citizens legally kept guns to defend themselves.

When I did come to WY, US in 2000 with a dependant visa (immigration terminology F2), I didn't have such feeling at the very beginning. Maybe my American life was just beginning so there were not much got involved, or maybe it was in WY where people had been hospitality all the time.

Then I changed to (immigration terminology H4) status in AZ due to my husband changed to (immigration terminology H1B) status because he had been hired as a high school math teacher since Dec 2002.

On Sep 16, 2003, my husband was offered a teaching job in a public school in OH. He quitted his job on Sep 19, 2003 and came to OH right away and then we began to feel what American battlefield looked like.

First, the public school's attorney in OH claimed we were illegal, she who fully paid by the public school, had to "operate" on our legal documents for months. While she did get well paid by the public school for months, our family was put in waiting with no any income from Sep. 19 2003 to Nov. 25, 2003.

On Nov. 25, 2003, the school under same attorney's legal guiding suddenly let my husband work according the public school needs. Meanwhile the attorney just prepared or "operate" our documents in her office. This meant my husband's legal status between Sep. 19 2003 and Nov. 25, 2003 were exactly same. The school and its attorney were obviously above the law. When didn't want my husband working, they said he was illegal. With the same legal situation, but wanted him working, the illegal status they claimed was forgotten. So he taught American kids in the public school with an illegal tag posted by the school and its attorney.

In Sep 2004, my husband who had a valid math certificate was put on call while many people in the same public school district without math certificate hold math teach position and had taught many math classes. When he then sent complaint emails to many related sources, the school district decided discipline him with a great anger. But in the discipline meeting hold on Dec 14, 2004 by the school district couldn't discipline anything because he had just told the truth. So the school tried to find other thing to fight back or retaliate for truth he had told. The school district asked him did you complete the trip to Canada, which the school district knew was unnecessary and impossible trip arranged by its school district attorney. When the answer was no, the trip was told by USCIS officer Ms. Sharon was unnecessary, the school district and its attorney said the USCIS officer was wrong and then stopped him work again without pay on Jan 26, 2005. Furthermore, the school district and its attorney secretly sent a withdrawal application to revoke his legal status (immigration terminology H1B) on Mar 2005, and it was approved on April 5, 2005. So he was unknowingly became illegal since April 5, 2005, which led him leave US. When a complaint made to against the attorney for ethnical violation, the attorney said the school district instructed her to do such things, like secret withdrawal our legal status, so she was innocence for everything. She did avoid being discipline by OH Supreme Court because she claimed any actions were instructed by the school district. Whenever there were complaints against the public school district, the school did the same thing that all were followed the same attorney's legal guild to avoid any discipline.

This is the young man's battlefield I encountered.

Now I was required by USCIS to solve the illegal history created by the public school and its attorney. I am not allowed to leave US until this case was over, which may take long time to end. I have part-time job, which only provided $100 per week plus room and board. Although I had kids born in US, they couldn't live with their mother who only can earn $100 per week to support them. Although my children were all born in US, they had to leave US.

Is US paradise of children? At least is not paradise for my children.

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