It will be over soon..

by Charles St. is a better father than me
(Baltimore, MD)

I have kids with different women and I have to pay child support for each one, which is a total of $1460 a month...I am a truck driver and I do make good money, but when I bring a check home each week about $450-525 for the hours I put in and the labor I do, I see it as a method of modern day slavery.

How long do you think this will last before the dad falls out from fatigue, get injured on the job because of the lack of sleep because to survive, you have to increase you input if the state is taking most of your output. I told the mothers that I am getting a p/t job on the weekends, which is my time with the kids, I have no problem with my kids coming to live with me, but somehow "I'm not responsible", I cant afford to feed them or not have a roommate to survive.

So with the p/t job it take my time away from the kids, so I guess on the bright side of things, one of us are getting what we want, money instead of a father. I see it as though you can never take back the time when a child ask, Why don't you get me anything for Christmas?" or why can't we go out to eat?" I got into it with my 16 y/o daughter because she said I always say I don't have money for her, but my girlfriend and I are always going out. I see that child support is set up for most men and women as a whole to not get along, weaken bonds between sons, and daughters and in the end who makes out?...the state...that why they enforce it so much.

I think if two people have a child and are no longer together, why can't they agree to terms of who buys what, what weeks/day the child would spend with who and everybody is happy and the money would not be an issue. Would you want your child to go to the NC parent house in the slum, eating hot dogs and sleeping on the floor because that's all that they could afford because of child support? Child support is a billion dollar business and it's a vicious cycle when the vindictive mother becomes the vindictive only starts another 18 years of hell for someone...

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