Joint Temporary Custody

by James

My fiancée has a beautiful 12 year old daughter by a woman that he barely knew. He did not even know the little girl existed until she was almost 2. They went to court for DNA and child support in Florida. He was court ordered to pay child support. NO problem. Then we he asked to see his child that was over 1200 miles away, because she was constantly moving, he never knew where to find his daughter. Well, long story short, after about 5 so call step dads, although never married and plenty of fun for the mom while the child saw too much, if you catch me drift, he hired an attorney to get visitation. Now the child is 12, her mother makes sure that when it is time for my fiancée to see his daughter that she is unavailable just like this summer. His little girl who does whatever she wants, when she wants because of lack of supervision, doesn't like to come to our home because we have rules for the other four children that we share. Here is the kicker though, this child is in the fourth grade, not because she cant comprehend but because her mother is not helping and now the child has fallen behind. This child is also been involved in molesting little girls since she was 5. This child also has two brothers by two different men that were taken from the mother by family members when they were little. This woman will not allow my fiancée to see what goes on with his child, nor be near his child so that he doesn't know what is going on. He took her back to court the judge ordered his daughters mother to meet at a certain time and place to exchange the child, she has yet to show up the first time in 7 years. Any ideas on what he should do. We have spent over 10,000 fighting in the court system over this little girl and now that she is 12 she views us as the bad guys.

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