Judgement Day

by Steve

Like some of your other readers comments, I too have fallen to the Attorney Generals pitfalls of inconsistencies, attention to details, and "whatever" attitudes. After many calls, I have found that the AG will send a monthly letter to the credit bureaus if you're behind, a letter to the IRS to with hold all tax returns if more than $500 behind, and a letter to the Dept of State to with hold your travel outside the US if behind more than $2,500! Yes, they keep an account, but have absolutely no responsibility to you for reporting such activities nor any balance statements, etc.

I have had 2 order mods within the past 10 yrs and at both hearings, the judge had found no arrerage in child support. I had voluntarily increased my monthly amounts over the yrs plus many other expenses I incurred. One child turned 18 and graduated HS 2 yrs ago, the other one this yr.. and graduates this month. I had called to inquire the process in which the AG would take and what papers, etc I would need to submit so that all this child support process would end. Then comes the AG Hammer!! Letters out the wazzoo started flying to all kinds of Govt agencies that I owed $6k in arrears. That's right, no warning, nothing at all, and even when the county was handling the child support process, my yearly calls to ensure that my stuff was up to date and no problems existed.. and rest assured there wasn't any issues, that is until the AG took over this process.. Hand entered info into their database, recently hired a 3rd party call center to "screen" our calls, and set up an automatic letter firing search feature in their database they run once a month that looks for those payments in arrearage.

Here's the real kicker... it's up to me to prove their mistakes, not for them to investigate anything. You heard it right, they will not conduct an investigation of records and verification on your behalf, it's up to you to show them their mistakes with 5/7/10/15 year old documents.. you know, all those bank statements we all keep for 12 yrs!!!! That's right again, I didn't keep my last 12 yrs of bank statements.. Luck would have, that I have had the same bank for the past 8 or 9 yrs, even though they've changed name 4 times. However, they only keep 7 yrs of statements and 6 yrs of check copies. Ohhhh.. did you're high priced lawyer mention about the interest the AG charges PER MONTH for child support arrearage? Mine didn't, but did find out that it too has changed, was 12%, now it's like 5 or 6%. Did the Attorney General apply some of the "convenient" law changes to you, but not all? Try this one on for size... my child support was calculated based upon my GROSS income, and I lived in a state that also had state and county taxes taken out.... didn't matter, was the GROSS income that mattered. Well my friends, that law changed to NET income a few years ago, but the AG would not change those amounts nor apply that law, but they sure would apply everything else!

Now that I'm in the "Attorney General circle of friends", I have requested a hearing and got it.. and it is to resolve all these issues without going to an actual court hearing with a judge. That is if we can resolve this. Wish me Luck!

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