Just not right

by Norman
(Prescott, Az)

Ok here's my story. My wife ran away before my son was one. for three to four years I couldn't see my son. I moved away to Atlanta. Within a month she wants to reconcile. I thought great. So I pay for air tickets for her and my son. The day she comes, she tells me all she wanted was the plane tickets. Naturally I'm upset. to be used like that. In any case her and her brother come over to my house the following day to intimidate me( you know what I mean) And naturally I press charges. A few years go by and my son with me now for a year or so, till one day she just up and takes him, like a dummy I should have press charges than but I didn't.

Many years go by and I have very little contact with my son. I move back to Az. I'm working to get in touch with my son. Lucky me I find out they moved back too. So far so good. At this time i'm jobless and homeless. I know thats no excuse, but I get a letter from the state saying I owe $13,000 in back child support, how the hell does that happen. No letter saying, hey you need to pay x-amount a month, just you owe. To skip to present day we finally divorced 3 years ago, 17 years not together. For 3-4 of those years my son was with me with no support form her. The judge ordered her to pay and it would be added to my arrears, which she refuses to pay. I'm not saying I shouldn't pay child support, he's my son and I know my responsibly. What I am saying is she made close to $80,000 a year for the past 11 years, and between being homeless and jobless i've never made over $21,000 a year. Child support takes half of my check every time even if it's $80 I take home $40. I know I left out a lot of details but can somebody tell me how is that right. I want to do the right thing but it seems like the state could care less about fathers.

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Another Story
by: Kristin

I am sorry that you are having such trouble with child support, but you should know that there are just as many hard luck stories that go the other way. I know many, many custodial parents who never get a dime, never have time to themselves, worry all of the time about their future with their child(ren), and who wonder how they are going to pay for everything - and I mean even the basics. Imagine if you would have had your child with you all of this time while you were only making about $21,000? Well welcome to my world. I have yet to make over $26,000. In the beginning I got $89/mo in support, then I didn't get any for a long time, but for the last six years I have been getting a steady $400+ a month. My son is 17 and the arrears still hover at $4500. My ex abandoned my son for good on his ninth birthday. I always have to pick up the pieces. The best thing I get out of your story is hopefully because you paid the support in addition to your now-ex's decent paying job, your child did not go without a warm home, good food and adequate clothing. You sound like you think you made a bad investment, which I hope is not the case.

by: Anonymous

SOUNDS LIKE THE "IMPUTED INCOME" DOCTRINE DESTROYS ANOTHER WORKING-MAN'S LIFE (and obviously many men who are homeless and unable to find work are slammed with cso's that claim they are voluntarily underemployed...)!!!

Not Just You!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Bruce D. Manly

I'm Sorry to hear that there is more than one woman like that, My Ex Wife and I divorced and reconciled, and for 2 1/2 years of working at a logging camp in southeast Alaska, sending 100% of my wages home,she decides 1 week after my returning home she wants nothing more to do with me! Oh, and she failed to tell me that she had been on welfare, to help subsidize her drug habit, the whole time, and failed to report any payments that I had made over that time. It took me 8 yrs to get caught up, and the very month I caught up, My child support was raised 110%,Because my wages went up by roughly 10-15% And I have been behind ever since! That's not a typo error 110% How do they do the math? I'm shocked that the State condones this behavior, and rewards these junkies.

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