Kentucky Child Support Law

How Do I Obtain Medical Support For My Child?
The Kentucky child support law decision as to which parent is going to provide medical insurance coverage for the child and how medical bills will be paid is established in the divorce settlement. However, in the absence of such an agreement, the courts may order one or both parents to provide health care insurance coverage for the child and or pay for the health care expenses of the child.

Can Child Support Payments be Collected From Parents Who Live In Another State?

Yes. Kentucky child support law office can work with staff at comparable offices in the other state to establish or enforce a child support order. Therefore, even if the non-custodial parent lives in a different state, a child support case can be opened at your local child support office.

How Do I Make A Child Support Payment?
Like most states, Kentucky has a provision for withholding child support directly from the earnings of the non-custodial parent. These funds are withheld just like income tax is withheld from earnings payments. Income withholding is the simplest method for both parents and the state to pay, distribute, and receive child support. If preferred, child support payments can also be mailed directly to the state’s Division of Child Support at the following address:

Kentucky Division of Child Support
Post Office Box 14059
Lexington, KY  40512-4059

How Do I Contact The Division of Child Support?

Monte D. Gross, Director
Gail Wells, Assistant Director
P.O. Box 2150
Frankfort, KY  40602-2150

Telephone: (502) 564-2285
FAX: (502) 564-5988
Child Support Hot Line
(800) 248-1163

How Do I Access Information About My Case?
You can access information about your child support case via phone or from your county child support office. You can contact your local child support office to request a copy of your payment history. Or you can call Kentucky’s child support Voice Response System at (800) 443-1576. This toll-free number can be used to obtain automated access to payment and account information. This system is available from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Monday-Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. All times are Eastern Time (ET). You will need to provide your Social Security number, name and date of birth or your child support account IV-D number in order to obtain your account information.

More Information About Kentucky Child Support Laws?

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