Left in the dark

by Kevin

I was with this young lady for 5 years. We had a daughter together, (so I thought) they were living with me, I paid all the bills, she didn't work, she had everything she could have ever wanted. Then she popped up pregnant telling me this baby was also mine. I had my suspicions due to we were arguing all the time, she didn't want to hear that if she had a job then things would be so much better.

One day I came home to an empty house, just a letter stating she didn't want to be with me. Yes I was devastated for a while but I got over it. I moved on with my life and found someone new. All the while I was still taking care of my daughter. Six years went by, and one day I got pulled over by the police whom hauled me in for driving with suspended license. I had no idea, then when I got to court they told me I had a writ for child support. WTH, come to find out I was on child support the whole time. I asked her about this at child support court, she just laughed and told me I should have given her more and I wouldn't have never had to find out.

I looked more into this and she had put me on child support when she found out she was pregnant with my daughter. She had even tried to stick me with the baby she had just had but his father put himself on child support. This girl had nerve to tell me my daughter wasn't mine and she will continue to receive child support from until she feels like telling the state to discontinue it. I tried to get a DNA test and was denied. I am still going through this situation. It is bad, she see my girlfriend and I and laugh about how we refuse to get married for fear the state will take her income. I can't get any answers from the judge. If any one has suggestions please let me.


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