Legal Kidnapping

by Desperate DAD

I need serious help, so where do i turn? I am (was) a conservative Christian dad, 42 years old, who spent 13 years raising my daughters as a stay home dad. My wife, who worked , and did her own thing decided she wanted out after 19 years of marriage. Now, since i was the primary parent and caregiver, my wife decided that in order to keep the kids, and get them away from my pro God, Pro life, Pro marriage values that I had brought my daughters up with..... she came up with a evil plan, using my sister, her neighbors, and a mutual friend to call the police and tell them i had tried to contract for the murder of my wife, daughter, sister, and mutual friend. ....well, the police believed them, i was arrested and charged with 3 felony counts of criminal solicitaion....... I went before a grand jury and the case was no-billed because they lied, and were caught.

I was suing my x-wife and her friends for 4 million dollars. I was forced to drop the lawsuit due to the mounting legal costs. BUT STILL, even though the grand jury no billed the case, and the charges were dismissed, I still cant see my kids, and my oldest daughter was told i wanted her dead. My x-wifes' whole family is on my side, and everyone knows(except the courts) she set me up in a God aweful way. My x has lied to child protective services saying I've tried to molest my daughters, and many , many, many, many other untrue things that have ruined my relationships with my daughters, and my life.

She has been instructed on how to create a paper trail about me, and then use it in family court against me. My 8 year old just wants to be with her dad, the parent who raised her since birth, but my x is still riding her lies, and even though they have been caught lying, the courts, c.p.s., the law guardian and others believe what ever she says.

I am now out of money to fight ! my bail was set at 25,000$, my parents, and family members have bore the brunt of this. There is SO much to this legal kidnapping and abduction of my kids, other dads out there MUST know....... that no matter what, they dont have any rights, And the thing about innocent until proven guilty is a farse. Also 95% the people who prosecuted me(including the D.A.) were women! ?? Go figure.

....Since all this happend, I owe more than 60,000$ in legal, medical, and many other fees. I am currently on welfare, do to me losing my job, and my reputation being TOTALLY destroyed. Also I just applied for SSD. I aslo found out she's taking me to court for owed child support??? You cant get blood from a stone!!
Besides the fact the courts look the other way when my x violates something issued by the courts, which she continues to do.

I have been diagnosed with a PTSD resulting from the arrest, the treatment from the DA, and in the manner the police dealt with me, not to mention the insane antics of my x. They've destroyed me in every way possible. My family and I want something done. We will even go on television if we have to!

I have all the legal docs. police reports, and ALOT of witnesses...... But it does not seem to matter one bit!!!

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To Desperate Dad!!!
by: Anonymous

It sounds to me like the only choice you have left is to do to her, what she did to you. You need to post a full page ad in the newspaper with pictures, documentation, facts, and anything else you have that PROVES she is the liar and that you were COMPLETELY innocent and railroaded in the most evil way humanly posible. Someone will be able to help you turn this situation around to your advantage, but ONLY IF you do not give up and you decide to get down and dirty, just like she did. Can you do it? Can you take your life back from the one who stole it from you??

Good Luck!! I know you can do because you have faith, God, and Jesus on your side.

I fought back and WON!!!

by: Anonymous

Im sorry. Well here in MISSISSIPPI a man has not a chance of going to court concerning paternal rights. Example: My boys are 11 and 12 they have 1 older sister that their mom had previous which is 16. Since my boys she has had five more kids by differnt men all five. The court took my DL's so there goes my transportation to and fro. Oh Im sorry she sued for child support three years later after I caught her in bed with a realtive. The cours call me a dead beat dad. I can not afford an attorney so know what. They threten me with jail time but at leats I will have three hots and a cot you know. I tell you what SIR please do not give up. The LORD did not intened for these laws to be in affect. The states feeds on the monies that child support bring in. Tyhen we bailout these major corporations...

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