Looking back at it again.

by Taylor

First and foremost if I could pass a law it would be a system called Visitation enforcement agency. One requirement would be if the father can't see his children, then the mother doesn't get her support money. I promise that mommy's around this country would bundle the children up to get a pay check.

My story? I will say that my children are 19 and 22 now. I also am out of the Nazi system called Child support. When I divorced my x-wife my children were 3 and 5 years of age. I was ordered to pay child support. Which I did pay. I was behind in the mid 90's and in Ohio it was much different. We had what you called was "round up night" on Friday nights. Yes back then even the radio stations would warn you. Round up was when the sheriffs dept. would knock on your door and ask your name. No warrant was needed. You replied that it was you and you were going down to jail. Most of the men would hide on weekends. I did even if I was current in my payments. I didn't even drive a car until the children were of age, I hid in a van. I was behind once one month and I was put away for a week. That was the day I learned about the good ole US of A. I grew up a cub scout to an eagle scout even fought in the military. As did every generation in my family dating back to the revolution war. Today I don't believe in this country. I can't wait till this country has an uprising. Does this give you an idea of my anger?

Yes I paid my child support to the courts. The whole time my x was a crack head. Even took her to court 7 times for violating her order of visitation. Oh let me make one thing clear I never drank, smoke, or did drugs, never even had a parking ticket. Today I don't know my children. Oh I have seen them in passing. They don't come up to me and say hi. I am sure that the children were told horrible stories. As one teacher had told me, "has she brain washed them yet?" I smiled and said I am sure they were. I am close to 60 years of age now. I look back at the sad times. The missed Christmas's and holiday's. I look back at the times I took her to court and the judge didn't do a thing to her. I even had pictures of her doing crack, cocaine, drinking, you name it. Yet the judge would say to me, "Your x-wife said they were sick".

That's how woman use the system. I did look at the judge and said, "could you tell which hallway leads me to the visitation enforcement agency. I was put in jail for contempt of court. I will tell you that I did lose my house to a foreclosure. I went homeless for two years. I was living out of a van and holding a fulltime job to pay the support. I would tell any men that needs help, get a van. Today you can pay a membership to planet fitness and most are open 24 hours so you can park there at night, take showers in the morning and go to work. That's a whole different story.

Today I own a small house which was a fixer upper and I own it out right. Yet I never hear from my children. I have learned to let it go now. I call it days gone by. For the x-wife, she got remarried to a 27 time felon and got to raise my children. Oh did I tell you that he was convicted of child endangerment and kidnapping. Yet he got to be the step father, he was the man that raised my children. She ended up at a state hospital for being chased by monsters. I guess the drugs caught up with her. For the children, well there messed up. They the children are the victims of this sad game we call divorce. I do wish they would go to college though. Yet who am I? I was the man that wanted to be a father. I was the man who the courts said she would be the better parent. I was the man who just recently wrote a letter to the judge telling her my story. Letting the judge know where the x-wife is and why my children will never work nor go to college. I was the man who came from a good upper scale family and hit rock bottom. Yet the courts couldn't break me. So to all you men and woman out there.

Best thing I would tell you is try, try and work it out with the x. Because its a very lonely world out there. People you need to unite and march for the law that I so much want passed. Visitation Enforcement Agency. No children no money.

This story is 100% true. and I beg of you people to lobby for this law.

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