Louisiana Child Support

The Obligations of Louisiana Child Support

Louisiana child support will expect a parent to provide financial aid, and medical support for their  children. In Louisiana, the program that helps parents establish and enforcement child support is administered by the Department of Social Services, Office of Family Support, Support Enforcement Services (SES).

This office assists about three hundred thousand children each year, collecting approximately 278 million dollars in child support payments. The Support Enforcement Office can help families locate a non-custodial parent, establish paternity, establish and enforce child support orders, and collect and distribute child support payments.

In addition, the SES offers both custodial parent and non-custodial parents services through their Access and Visitation Program and Louisiana State Bar Association Legal Services.

Child Support: Applying For Services
The SES office generally assigns cases in three categories: parent locations, collections or intake. An intake case is when a child support and/or paternity order has yet to be established. A collection case is a enforceable order for support exist. A case in parent locate is when the  non-custodial parent’s locations are unknown.

Any parent or custodian who needs assistance with collecting or paying Louisiana child support can request assistance from the SES office. Families that receive state or Federal assistance through FITAP or Medicaid are automatically referred to the SES office for services.

If your family does not receive public assistance, you can still utilize Louisiana child support services by completing an application and paying an application fee of twenty-five dollars. You can apply for services by visiting one of the twelve regional SES offices and completing an application for services.

Modifying Child Support Orders

  • Either parent may request an administrative review of their child support order if they feel an error has been made or an action was not taken on their case.
  • Child support cases usually are modified when there is a change. Usually when the parents receive a rise or cut in pay, that will determine if there needs to be any modification done on the current child support order.

Calculating Child Support
In Louisiana, as in most states, child support payments are calculated using specifically designed child support guidelines and tables. The calculation of child support in Louisiana used to depend solely on each judge hearing a support case.

The state offered some guidance as to the proper amount of child support to be granted, but the uncertainty of the amount of support led to a slew of cases that went to trial.

With the amount of support designated by guidelines and tables, it is much easier to calculate the amount of child support that is owed. Child support payments are determining the financial status of both parents and the monetary needs of the child or children.

Child Support Access and Visitation Program
The state of Louisiana has utilized grant money from several different government programs in order to provide additional services to families that are in need of child support services. The primary goals of the Access and Visitation program are to encourage the participation of fathers in their children’s lives and to help both the custodial and non-custodial parent work together to support their children both emotionally and financially.

Louisiana Child Support Legal Services
In addition to child support services, the state of Louisiana also offers low-income non-custodial parents with access to legal services through a contract with the Louisiana State
Bar Association.

Payment Information is also available at the following numbers: 

  • Voice response system (800) 256-4650 in Louisiana.
  • Baton Rouge area or out of state may call (225) 922-8100.
  • Hearing impaired (225) 922-8111.

You can make and receive payments at the address below:

Centralized Collection Unit
Post Office Box 260222
Baton Rouge, LA 70826

Or you can visit the Louisiana Child Support Website

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