by Sick and Tired
(Queens, NY)

My Husband has 5 children in total. 1 in NY she is the oldest 2 in Ohio and then 2 here with me NY. Oldest is 14. My hus was an irresponsible kid when daughter was conceived. 18 years old and the mother was 25. She took him thru the ringer at 19 in child supp court. Ordered to pay 200 a week when he made 400.

How I do not know if I didn't see the court papers I would claim he was paying victim. The kids in Ohio get 100 a week for 2 kids while mom here gets 225.00 My hus works 7 days a week, he has no prob paying support and gives the child anything she wants. Mom is on child number 6 on welfare, section 8 food stamps, and husband works off books. She has no father for child number 2 and only gets support for my step daughter.

I come to find out she is getting evicted yet once again for failure to pay rent in 8 months. My step daughter was on medicaid even though my hus provides private health ins but due to copay mom rather use medicaid. So what transpires this week? She needs $4k by july 4 or she will see us in court for an upward modification. I flat out said NO I will not be extorted I rather roll the dice and take the chance. It will take weeks to get a court date and even though I understand the money will be owed to her if she wins the point is she will not get the 4k. On top of that we never see this child. She's always too busy, and we always end up taking the fatherless little sister as well, even on vacation. We treat her the same when it comoes to birthdays xmas etc.

So she wants to go back to court for what possibly another 20 a week? Is this ridiculous? I told her to get a job she can't she has no one to watch her kids THEN STOP HAVING THEM!!!!! Her husband sits home during the day because his job is part time and they collect the welfare check and hes insisting we kick in more. On top of that my step daughter has a different last name from my husband and his mother. Talk about crazy....My husband is fustrated Im fed up. I'm about to turn her into the welfare dept for welfare fraud. But I do believe when kicked into the street this time she will be on the balls of her a$$ and we are not helping her this time. I will take the child in but thats it not the other. Spiteful? Maybe but def necessary~! Any input?

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