Lying, Cheating, Dead Beat ,Worthless Father

by Corinna Allen

My ex with his children that he does not take care of

My ex with his children that he does not take care of

We went to court in 1997 and my ex was ordered to pay support for our 3 children. Prior to court, he applied at a local college so that he would get the $50 minimum per child. He has never one day attended college. I have been fighting the system to get another court date. He has a brand new SUV, has moved 5 times, never pays, owns 4 companies, and did I say HE DOES NOT PAY. He does everything he can to beat the system. They susended his drivers license, and he still drives.He does not care.

He also does not acknowledge the 2 youngest, and just took me to court for custody of my oldest, and won.Does this make sense to anyone. My oldest decided he does not want to go, but he threatened to disown him. We have had 2 court hearings in which he managed to postpone, and today is yet another hearing. I hope that the court will hear all that I have to say because this is ridiculous.

Oh yes and and he has 1 son to another woman whom he impregnated while cheating on me, and now 2 kids to his wife whom does not work. He has all this money to do so much but he can not pay for the kids he has with me. He is also ordered to pay whatever health coverage my insurance dos not, and he does not. He said that they do not need glasses, and braces, and dentist appointments.

There is so much more to the story, but it makes me sick talking about such a looser. Luckily my husband now cares for my children as if they are his. He is a real man, and the kids would rather him be their dad. My 2 youngest hate their real father that is how terrible he is. My husband now is amazing. Attached is a pic of my ex with all of his children, yes his kids...WHOM HE does not take care of.....

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father ignores me and dont acknowledge impregnated me
by: Lizette

I met a man online and chatted with him for about a month. He charmed the pants of me and promised me the moon and the stars. He came down to visit me and we had sex. He left for italy for 3months and was unsure about his feelings for me. I told him I set him free he must go to Italy and forget about me. If we are meant to be we will get together again. The day he left I took a pregnancy test cause I was late. It was positive. I told him and he insisted I have an abortion. I spoke to my family and they told me I must not. He told me when he was in italy that we will talk about it when he comes back. He will never and have never run away from his responsibilites. I sent him numerous emails which he just ignored. I send him mails when he returned asking him I want closure I need to know if he will take responsibility for his actions and if he wants to be part of childs life. He did not acknowledge that he impregnated me and answered none of my questions. He said I set him free and he has moved on I must too. I am 17 weeks pregnant at the moment and need to know what I can do? What can I do to get him to pay maintenance and take a paternity test? I live in South Africa. What can I do? Please help

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