Mad as Hell

Father of child is in the military..the worst example of a father ever..married for ten yrs to his wife...2 yrs into marriage they separate..he fathers two other kids by two different at this time..he has one by his wife..and two by two other women..they get back together..he has a child by her...some cheating rumors come about..divorce is thrown the process of getting a divorce she winds up pregnant...he is stationed at same duty station as I....I wind up pregnant only awate of the fact that he is estranged from wife, theyre getting divorced and I should not expect to see her nor hear about or from her at that..anyways both wife and I give birth to kids two months apart...

I leave the military..go home...start process of attempting to determine legal paternity for child support and to kill the emails and threats received from both him and his wife in regards to him being the father of my child, anyhow..results come back..he is the father of my child..we go to court and a temporary order is set for $ here has the choice to pay out of pocket..keep record so that when DFAS (military pay) sees that he paid they reimburse him or the child support office will credit him once they send the order to DFAS..he does neither and wait for DFAS to take it out of his takes too long and we go back to court for the real amount of is set at biweekly rate and I receive a thousand plus in arrearages..close to 5 grand..garnishment is done through his paycheck since in his serving..only 50% is taxable in this sense b/c he pays on my order as well as two other orders and NOW HE CLAIMS HE ALSO PAYS HIS WIFE..

HOW IN THE HELL IF THE TWO OF ARE YOU STILL MARRIED DO YOU PAY CHILD SUPPORT TO HER AND THE MILITARY PROVIDES FOR YOUR FAMILY...ok so now this idiot is contesting the fact that he pays too much for a child..that he doesnt call to check up on nor send a birthday card nor write to see if he is ok or needs anything...the only time i hear from this fool is when he is sending a letter to the courts..but this time he blames the court for his not being aware of the court findings or dates because they sent it to the wrong address, and theyre dumb enough to think fort richardson is in arkansas and not alaska..cause they dont know the differenece between ar and foolish? mind you he has been living at the same damn address since july how did he not receive the paperwork...I am so tired of his denial and refusal to support his kid or atleast understand that as a father he should do so....he has done the same thing to atleast one of his other illegitimately fathered kids before mine..he is a miltary scumbag..

Our country should be ashamed to employ him...then on top of dealing with his bs..i had to put up with his wife and her insecurities through online slander and defamation of both my son and I over this man that she has been married to for 10 yrs and aware of his dog like ways and dealt with it...but that i care less about..this man owes it to his child to help support him through a court order because he was too less of a man to do so without one..he claims his miltary duties is what is keeping him from representing himself properly in court when if he wanted a responsible individual he could ask for leave to be present so he would not miss any of the proceedings and would know all he needed to know and if his address was incorrect then who's at fault for not updating it..if you can send in a letter to contest the finding of the courts then you could have sent in the change of address...its folks like this man who make the men who are willing to do right by ALL THEIR KIDS...look bad....

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by: Anonymous

Your story sounds hinky. First off, why would you sleep with someone who claims to be estranged from his wife and on the way to divorce? Why couldn't you have waited to see the evidence (of the divorce) for yourself? Not a bright move there.

As for deleting the emails, if they are threatening you, why would you want to do that?? THAT IS EVIDENCE!!!!

Look, I do understand that your child has the right to receive support, but there are times when one should wonder what the circumstances were that brought this child into the world (mind you, it is not the child's fault; the children always wind up as the victims).

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