Maribel Garcia c/p

by maribel Garcia
(Norht Fort Myers Florida)

Texas is one BIG JOKE (like they say every thing in Texas is BIG) when it comes to child support for 10 (ten ) years I have been trying to collect my son child support. Next year my son will graduate from high school. I he has gotten ten payment from the time he started school it to many. His dead beat dad live high on the hug in Brownsville Texas, while we have been home less living in hotels / motels in our van. Thank god I bought a van when I had a great job back in 2002. Texas has done little to nothing in helping me collect my child support I my son is lucky if he gets 2 or 3 payments a years. I have given Texas all his in formation still no help. When I do call I get pushed from one social worker to another and they can not tell me why they can not enforce my child support or garnish from the father. He ownes his on truking co. in Brownsville, Texas. He behind $43,0000 plus interst Fortythree thousand dollars.

If any one knows who I can call or write to please e-mail me at WWW.MARIBELGARCIA1631@COMCAST.NET

My son is a great child he never been in any kind of problems he great in school and looking forward to join the Air Force or Navy he a son a father should bevery pround of. OOps he did get in a small problem once he was selling cand at school to help me with the bills at age 8 and he nurse me while I was having my chemo and raditation treatment. My son is very special to me. That is my I need Texas to help but social workers are not doing there job. Give it to me I been unemployed as of March 15 2007.

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