Md child support enforcement is a joke!

I have an 11 yr old son, whom is disabled. At present I am owed in excess of 23,000.00 back child support. The father of my son has another child from his previous marriage and owes her back child support as well. He has had numerous contemp of court proceedings brought against him, his drivers license is supposedly suspended, yet he has had numerous traffic violations, including DUI's, yet he still has his drivers license,and has never had to post any bail or any fines. The only time he has ever gone to jail over this is when he does not appear in court, and the judge orders a bench warrant. When I call child support enforcement to find out what is being done, the reps are always extremely rude, act like I am bothering them, or treat me as if I am the one who is in the wrong.

At one point, I had recieved no CS at all for more then 6 months, so I called to find out what was happening and was asked "Oh, do you want us to start enforcemnt proceedings?" It took over a year before I started getting any CS. They started the "contempt process" he was given a court date, he appeared with a friend whom pretended to be his employer, was given the paper work for wage attatchment, and guess what... child support enforcement never got the paper work back! He was given another court date, at the same time, his ex had proceedings for contempt as well.

She could afford to pay a high priced attorney, so my case was took the back burner, and rescheduled for a later date. When he has court dates, that means he appears at the Chrild Support Enforcement office first, if he doesnt "PROMISE" to pay, then he goes before a judge the same day.

Of course he promises, they take his word for it, and let him go, all the while he is laughing at them as he walks out the door. I have informed the agency numerous times that he is self empoyed, as well as on the payroll of yet another friend just so he doesnt have to go to court. He knows that nothing will ever happen to him, and he gets away with it.

The agency has the resources to supeona bank records,tax returns, etc..., but they dont. The last time I called to find out why he is allowed to be in arrears to the amount he is, I was told "well, he is paying 200.00 per week, and if thats all he can pay then thats all he can pay" My court oder states he is to pay 720.00 per month to me, of the 200.00 he pays per week, I was getting 53.27, the other portion was going to his other ex. Not once has he ever been incarcerated for non payment, they just simply let him go with not even a slap on the hand. It is disgraceful that not only does the agency let him walk, but the Curcuit Court Judges do as well.

This has been going on since 2004. I moved to another state in 2004 after living in a battered womens shelter with my son, not until recently, after my son told me he wanted to see his father, did I have any contact with him. Since the father was the one who made a false report to the Commisioner and had us both removed just because he could, and after being abused by him for years, I needed to make sure we were safe. At present, I am unemployed and awaiting a decision from Social security disability, am about to lose my home.

In a very heartfelt letter to the father explaining my situation, asked him for additional help. His response was this simple... send me a picture of your ass crack, and I will! The simple fact is that Child support enforcement is a complete joke. They will never do anything to prosecute the offenders. They just simply dont really care. My son suffers, and he continues to be able to drive, live carefree with no responsibilities what so ever because Maryland Child Support Enforcement lets him.

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Frustrated with Child support Agents and Deadbeat father
by: Lisa

I agree with the post I just read, I actually thought , wow, thats all me, except I have a daughter that is not disabled. I have asked and wrote leters asking and asking for a new Child Support agent. No Response, EVER!!!! This is so fraustrating, I am disabled myself. The absent parent is $19,494.54 in arrears. He finally did not show up at court, he was picked up and detained. Before court he was to pay $1,750.00 but he didn't. Now he was released with having to pay $1,000.00. What is that about. I don't understand. They expect us to care and take care of our childrens needs( the parent who has custody), but when things go bad they want to blame us.I take very good care of my child. She is my heart my life. I can't understand why they can not make him pay more. He sure finds a way to pay when Court comes around. And they have given him a release for his Liscense on # separate occations without paying the amount that he was told to pay, or not paying a penny at all. How do they keep getting away with this.

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