I have been paying child support for over 13 years. 6 years ago my X complained that the support wasn't enough, even though I also buy clothes, school supplies, hand out spending money, etc, so I started paying her $100 a month more than the order because I don't want my daughter to go without(her mother makes a fair living and her husband makes over 3 figures so they are not doing without). Now my daughter is 18, a high school drop out with a 17 month old baby of her own. She has been living with the babys father for the past 7 months. She has done nothing to find a job to provide for herself or her child, but she does go to a community college 8 hours a week.

My daughter got a Pell Grant which paid 100% of her educational expenses but she and her Mother still demanded I pay 'my share' of these costs per the child support guidelines. I am still paying my X child support every month and she has made it clear that she expects me to continue to pay until our daughter gets her 'certification', which could take 4 years. Under Colorado law I may have to continue to pay my X child support for years even though she does not use the child support to contribute to the support our daughter. If I stop paying my X child support I could end up in jail.

If I go to the courts they will most likely rule that the 'minor' is not self-supporting so child support will contiune. At what point does the law help parents in my position? It doesn't. Because I am the male in the whole situation I am viewed as less important and I have no value other than the check I write every month. I have no voice and no say. I just have to keep paying my X even though it doesn't go to support my daughter. (My daughter has made it clear that she is done with parental control and has moved on to make her own choices, until she contacts me for money for her 'expenses'.) When my daughter turns 19 I have to petition the courts to stop child support even thought she is an adult! The court could, and probably will rule I continue to pay child support for an undetermined amount of time. The county I live in likes to deem themsleves progressive but they are very biased against fathers. 'Boulder, California' at it's best!!

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