Me against the robbers

by George
(Atlanta, Ga)

I am dealing with a situation in Ohio where the state has been holding on to income tax money meant for my son for almost six months now.

I recently found out that I am the father of a 10-year-old son. I started paying child support immediately but the state tried to get the mother to request child support from the day that the child was born. Luckily she refused, but they convinced her to request back child support for six months. My payments increased and the state of Ohio kept 600 dollars of my income tax to take care of arrears. I ended up overpaying and I haven't received the balance of my overpayment and the child's mother hasn't received the 600 dollars. Every time I contact them I continue to get the run around. I seriously believe that the caseworkers are sitting on the cash hoping that I stop complaining so that the state can keep the money which is not going to work because I'm willing to spend more to force them to do the right thing. I guess they think that since I'm from Atlanta I'm not going to push them to do the right thing. It's gotten to the point that I'm willing to pay a lawyer 500 dollars to represent me and once the case is won force them to reimburse me for the lawyer fees.

It seems to me that the caseworkers are the main problem. These idiots had the nerve to take out a $475 dollar a month medical insurance plan for my son without my knowledge until it was deducted from my check, which I fought and won.

I think I'm becoming my caseworkers worst nightmare because I'm not gullible and question their every move.

I'll be calling them shortly to screw up someone's day because I'm not going to let them mess up mine.

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