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by: Anonymous

The reason you pay so much, and the reason they will not talk to you, is because it's not in the states best interest to do so. The state gets funded by the federal government (DC) for the settlement they get from you, me and other noncustodial fathers. In other words, the more they take from you (fathers only not mothers) the more they get from the federal government (FED).

These funds from the FED go to the state to fund single mother programs, women shelters and the like.The funding does not apply when a female has to pay support to a custodial father. This is why there are so many single father that do not get awarded child support and have a slim change to even get custody. Custody rates for fathers are about 1% nation wide, about 10% for the state to get custody and 89% the mother.

These family court judges are most often proponents and or member of womens rights groups, womens centers...ect. So how do you think it would look if a non custodial mother got slapped with 65% child support...someone complains and that judge looses funding and votes to get re-elected....its all politics at a fathers expense. The opposite is also true when that judges record reflects a high dollar amount of judgments against a non-custodial father..The womens groups get federal funding through the state and state attorneys office gets their budget raised. The judges record reflects this and that fosters a way for them to secure votes. the end, the system is totally skewed against fathers or men in general. Also, a conflict of interest exists between the court, the judge, the state and the FED and any man of father that is charged for support.

The whole child support is nothing more than a Writ or Bill of Attainder. This is forbidden by article 1 section 9 of the US constitution (if the constitution actually exists). However, the courts side step this little problem by making all support situations CIVIL and under an administrative action. Fist time you do not show for court a warrant is issued. If you do not comply with an order under an administrative action you are jailed. All under administrative action..and under such the US constitution does not apply to you...haha. They view it as you having the Keys to your own by non cooperation with the court you go to jail even though the order is indeed constitutional....

There is no such thing in this country's governments as freedom, morality, honesty, integrity or liberty. You and I and everyone else are surfs in servitude by tact consent. All to serve one purpose and that is to feed the perverted beast called the state...wake up

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