by James Cottle jr
(Selma, Ala. USA)

Well it sounds like Texas is just as bad as Alabama. I pay 67% for my son. His mother cut of visitations in 2004 and the only way for me to fight is to go get an attorney and go to court. Well how can afford that when I'm making less than what I was making when child support was set? So basically she can violate my rights and nothing gets done too her but let me be a couple of day's late with child support and I get to pay intrest! She more than likly is getting a check because he has a mental problem and She is going to milk it and DHR will certainly go along with her. I've have sent letters, called, and emailed and have not heard a word from DHR. One thing I really never understood was why do I pay child support for the weeks he spends with me. If he spends 2 weeks in summer and a week at Christmas, then thats three weeks that she does not feed, cloth, wash, and take care of the child why does she still get a check? Now if you get every other weekend visitations then add those weeks up and then thats more time she does not have to feed, cloth, wash or spend money on the child. So thats more time that on top of child support I'm spending money on he child, feeding, clothing, and washing his cloths and him. also here is the worst part I got married and had another child and DHR has the nerve to say "She does not matter!" Now anyone with two or more children sit them down and point at one an say "You do not matter!" If that does not hurt you then you do not need children. Who ever came up with this child support process must have been an idiot! So its time for a change and make things right! also my Father my son's grandfather passed away and they did not even bring him to the funeral because they had plans! How sorry is that? And I'm the bad guy!!! Thanks.

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