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Minnesota Child Support Online
Comply with the MN child support laws and you will be free. Free from the courts, free from contempt, and free from any other penalties that the law enforces.

Minnesota child support has many guidelines you must follow in order to abide by the laws of child support. Although, these are just guidelines, they are guidelines that are ordered by the court. Any court order that is not fulfilled will be punishable by law.

Applying for Minnesota Child Support online
Putting in your application is the first step in the process – often this is done as part of formal divorce proceedings. If this hasn't been dealt with in your divorce case, you'll need to gather some documents and fill out a few forms to set the wheels in motion. Most of the necessary forms can be found online.

Child support is administered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). If you're unsure of what forms and information you need, visit or call your local Department of Human Services office and ask for the relevant documents. You can either do this yourself or employ the services of an attorney to walk you through the process. If you feel your case is clear-cut, an attorney probably won't be necessary – however if you're worried there may be issues that complicate your application, consulting an attorney before you apply is a wise idea.

It costs $25 to apply for child support in Minnesota and that fee is non-refundable.

How Child Support is Calculated
Minnesota child support online calculations are determined in two ways, by how much money you make and how many children you have. Here is a chart that will help you better understand the deductions.

Net Income (Monthly)

$651- $700
Children: 1=18%, 2=22%, 3=25%, 4=28%

$701- $750
Children: 1=19%, 2=23%, 3=27%, 4=30%

$751- $800
Children: 1=20%, 2=24%, 3=28%, 4=31%

$1000- $5000
Children: 1=5%, 2=30%, 3=35%, 4=39%

Promotions, raises, and lay-offs, they happen a lot in the workforce. But what happens if a non-custodial parent who is paying child support receives a promotion or gets a cut in pay? Minnesota child support online states that every three years there is a review done on all the cases to see if modifications need to be applied.

Enforcing Minnesota Child Support
The Minnesota Child Support Enforcement Division of Department of Human Services is responsible for making sure children receive support in accordance with any support orders that have been issued by the authorities. In the event that a parent falls behind or stops making child support payments, you can go to the Child Support Enforcement Division and ask them to follow up on the late payments.

They have a variety of tools available to them for chasing late payments. These include suspending the non-paying parent's driver's license or taking child support money directly from the parent's wages before they're paid by the employer (a process known as 'wage garnishing').

Note also that a child support agreement created in Minnesota can still be enforced even if the non-custodial parent leaves the state. Don't feel helpless simply because the other parent has left or refuses to pay – you have the power of the Minnesota DHS on your side, so make use of it.

Contempt of Court
Any non-custodial parent, who refuses to comply with the child support laws and not fulfill their obligations, will be sentence to at least six months of jail time.

Confiscating the Tax Return
Tax season, the most important part of the year, the year when most people receive a hefty amount of money. But for those who owe back child support will only receive a letter in the mail informing them of what happen to their money. The Minnesota Department of Revenue has the power to confiscate any tax refund from the non-custodial parents who are behind on payment.

Damaging Credit
America is the home of credit. Without good credit it is difficult to buy a home or a nice car. This is why dead beat parents are reported to the credit bureau if they do not pay their child support. If a non-custodial parent is behind more than three times the monthly payments, their credit has the potential of being ruined.

Passport Denial
For those who try to leave the country to avoid paying their child support will only run into problems. Anyone who is at least five thousand dollars in arrears in child support and refuses to pay will be denied any passport rights.

The End of Child Support
Minnesota child support online usually ends when the child reaches the age of eighteen or when they graduate from high school. Often time’s parents can request to have the non-custodial parent continue the support until the child finishes college. If a child develops a disability, physically, or mentally, the non-custodial parent could pay support for the rest of the child’s life. When a child reaches the proper age, the non-custodial parent will continue paying child support until any back payments are paid in full.

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