Minor with Child, When they are to young to be responsible

by Joyce

I am a Grandmother of a beautiful baby boy, he was born to a 16 year old mother, (my daughter) and a 15 year old father. I have tried to get some help from the parents of the father with very little interest or success. This is a long story as they were involved with the birth. They live in my neighborhood and my daughter brings the baby over for the father to see every day. My real concern here is.. I am responsible for my daughter and the baby, as any good and decent mother would be. Why are the parents of the father not responsible under the law to pay child support if the father is to young to work? Parents of children who are breaking laws are responsible for damages, why are the parents of children having children not responsible?
And what can I do about this?

I am concerned about the years to come, the feeling was as my daughter put the fathers name on the birth certificate.. His family (fathers) already have expressed the fact that 2 of their own daughters have fought for child support with no pay in years.. how could she allow her sons baby to be without? I am so frustrated with the parents at this point, they don't even care to see him. Why isn't it considered when my daughter files for wick that I and my husband do have other bills, etc. to pay for and why isn't this deducted from our income? I really need some answers here.. Can I sue the parents in small claims court every year I am supporting the baby?

Thank you for reading..

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