Mississippi Child Support

Child Support Collection Methods

Income Withholding
The Mississippi child support enforcement office is authorized to collect child support payments via the income withholding method. Income withholding involves the automatic deduction of child support payments from the non-custodial parent's paycheck.

Tax Offset Intercept – If child support payments become past due for any reason, child support arrears may be taken out of any state or federal tax refund that is due to the non-custodial parent.

Unemployment Compensation Interception – Non-custodial parents that are currently collecting unemployment compensation may have their child support payments deducted from their unemployment check.

Mississippi Child Support Enforcement Methods

Contempt Actions
If a non-custodial parent falls into arrears on his or her child support payments, he or she may be taken back to court for non-compliance with the court order. This action could then result in a court hearing that orders the incarceration of the non-custodial parent.

Credit Bureau Reporting
A non-custodial parent who becomes delinquent in his or her child support payments will be reported to the credit bureau. This will affect his or her future chances at obtaining a loan, purchasing a home or a car, or even obtaining certain types of employment.

License Suspension
Any non-custodial parent who does not comply with a subpoena or warrant relating to paternity or child support is subject to having his or her license suspended. If a non-custodial parent has become two months behind in his or her child support payments, the parent will be subject to Mississippi’s license suspension procedure.

Licensing agencies provide information on licensees to Mississippi’s Department of Human Services on a quarterly basis. The child support enforcement office can then run a database match against their list of delinquent parents. If there is a match, the child support enforcement office will send a notice to the licensee, notifying them that they have ninety days to work out a payment plan.

This payment plan must be submitted to court for approval. If the delinquent parent does nothing or if an approved payment plan is not devised within the ninety-day period, Mississippi child support enforcement office will send a notice to the licensing agency to suspend the non-custodial parent’s license.

A suspended license may be reinstated if the delinquent parent subsequently pays or develops an approved payment plan. Licenses subject to suspension or revocation include: occupations and professional licenses that are regulated by the State of Mississippi, (including those for physicians, social workers, barbers and foresters), business licenses, alcoholic beverages licenses, driver's licenses, hunting licenses and fishing licenses.

Passport Revocation
A non-custodial parent who is delinquent in his or her child support payments, with child support arrears of five thousand dollars or more, will have his or her passport revoked or passport application denied.

Court Ordered Employment
If a non-custodial parent is unwilling or financially unable to make child support payments, Mississippi’s courts may order the parent to get a job.

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