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Child support payments are made by non-custodial parents who are ordered by the court to provide for their children. Child support payments are made twice a month to help pay for any expenses the child may need.

Missouri Child Support Enforcement
Non-custodial parents who do not pay child support could face jail time. Child Support Enforcements will take action for those who avoid their responsibilities. Below are several actions that will occur if the non-custodial parent does not pay child support.

License: Suspension of the driver’s, professional, and occupational license will take effect if the non-custodial parent avoids child support payments.

Assets: All assets such as savings bonds, stocks, IRA’s, certificate of deposits, and savings accounts will be frozen until any past due child support is paid.

Properties: Any real estate or personal property owned by the non-custodial parent will have liens placed on them if they refuse to pay child support

Contempt: Contempt of court is a last resort for enforcing the child support laws. If the non-custodial parent dodges all the previous enforcements, then they could be found in contempt of court and sentenced to time in jail.

-Most custodial parents are unaware of these enforcement acts and the rights they have to enforcing them. Custodial parents do not have to suffer or struggle just because a dead beat parent refuses to contribute to their responsibilities. Get educated on the child support laws and fight for what’s rightfully yours-

Visitation Rights
With the agreement of the custodial parent, the non-custodial parent is able to visit their children at any time. This decision on visitation rights is reached in the martial settlement. However, if both parents are unable to come to an agreement, the Missouri child support will establish the standard schedule. The schedule would allow the non-custodial parent to visit their children every other weekend, four to six weeks during the summer and alternating holidays.

-In my experiences, it is very important that a child spends time with both parents. If one parent is missing, then there is a great chance that the child will have behavioral problems. It does not matter if a father lives in a different state or if he has differences with the mother, a child must share a healthy relationship with both parents.-

Wage Garnishments
Missouri child support will garnish all payments from the non-custodial parent’s pay check. Once payments are garnished, they are verified by the Missouri state agency then sent to the custodial parent. This method of payment will ensure the custodial parents that they will receive timely child support.

Missing Parents
To locate a missing parent who resides in a different state, all you will need is their SSN (Social Security Number) and their date of birth. When the missing parent finds a new job, you would be able to located them by tracking their SSN. It is also possible to locate them by researching their medical records. Without this information, it would be difficult to locate and enforce child support on the non-custodial parent.

Missouri Child Support Paternity
Before any mother can file for child support, she must first establish paternity. Paternity is established to convert the biological father into the legal father. Only then is when the father would be responsible for child support payments.

If the alleged father denies any possible relations to the child, then the mother could have a DNA test done. Once the test results are in, it will verify if the alleged father’s doubts are true.

-Child support in America has become a necessity to the lives of single parents and their children. In order for them to survive, they are going to need help from the non-custodial parent. I think that both parents should live up to their responsibilities and make sure their children are taken care of.-

Health Insurance
When two parents divorce or separate, it is their decision as to which would provide health insurance for the child. If they are unable to reach an agreement, then the Missouri child support would decide for them. The parent who is chosen are usually the ones with the best medical plan that is provided through their employer.

End of Child Support
Missouri child support ends when the child reaches the age of 18 or when they finish high school, whichever happens later. However, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to continue paying child support if the child enrolls in college or any other higher learning institute. The child would be ineligible for child support if they work over 15 hours a week.

-The best we can give our children is the love, affection, and support they deserve. With proper guidance from both parents, you can rest assure of your child’s decisions in life. Every child needs love and attention, so why not give it to them. Because in the end, without the love and support, it is the child who suffers.-

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