Mom and Dad

by Angel

I have had a chance to read everyones story. And each one is different. I would like to share mines as well. I am a single mother of 2 beautiful kids a daughter 8 and son 7. I was a high school sweetheart with their father. We graduated together in 2000' he got in the military and we married and had kids sounds great I know at that time it was. In 2003 He decided he didnt want to be married. So we divorced in 04'. At the time arguing and heartbreak occured I left moved to Ks. were still heartbroken and upset had to live with my mother for the first time, get a job paying 5.15 a hr. and decide on paying credit cards over diapers. I let my credit go to take care of home cause I didn't look out for me and mines. In addition to mending my daughters heart cause she doesn't understand why daddy won't pick up his phone cause he doesn't want to hear mommy fuss.

Well in the mist of that my son was going through therapy through infant toddler services. He was diagnosed with Severe Autism Nov. 05'.thier father visited in 06' and had 2 more kids with 2 other women. In all of my journey. I have had my fair share of bills being behind a utility turned off because i couldnt make a pay arrangment and bill collectors calling.And when things seem to go good there is always something else. Currently their father is over 2,000.00 behind in child support. I am very upset for the simple fact we were both raised by single parents. Both of our parents remarried and the fact both of our parents spoke to one another about responsibility. That he can just act like its nothing.

No call no show no nothing. No support. They have his last name their is nothing to question. the fact that his family can say just let it go they are better with you. The fact that he is a E5 in the USAF and can't pay 250.00 a month for 2 kids angers me. I called 1sgt's and going through child support enforcement. Its sad they won't make their soldiers take care of their responsibilities. My step father is in the army and he makes sure that is the first thing his soldiers take care. I have seen my fair share of women who dont do right but I am tired of the women like me who work very hard and blood sweat and tears to look and see that nothing is or has not been done. I acknowledge the single fathers out there who do right and to whom all ask when they get a break? Never. Because being mom and dad is a fulltime all day 365 day job. Dances ponytails, soccer games, tea parties sweet 16 cars and college. But now at 27 and being a mother and father for 8 years.

I take it one day at a time I work at a daycare facility on a military installation full time and enrolled into college for the first time, fulltime student and my kids growing. A princess for a daughter who is smart and bright and all teachers wish they had a classroom full of her and a son who is trying to talk and does sign language so fast you have to ask him to do it over and over again. And myself a learning growing mother fighting and knowing she is doing the very best she can to be mom and dad. Know that what you do will pay off and know if they don't wanna be there and do right or pay and never see them its their loss. I will continue to let cse try to get ahold of him and if not make another pay arrangment and get a attorny. And not TO THOSE SINGLE FATHERS OR PAYING FATHERS OUT THERE KNOW YOUR RIGHTS STOP BEING CHESAP AND GET A LAWYER IF SHE SAYS SHE WONT LET YOU SEE THE KIDS DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO LEGALLY THERE IS SOMETHING THAT CAN BE DONE. THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE AND THEY CAN DO JUST LIKE US MOTHERS DO LIVE IN BALANCE AND HOPEFULLY JUSTICE WILL DO THE REST.

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by: Anonymous

Why can't the CS agency send a garnishment order to DFAS? I do it all the time. You should be getting monthly payments, and a lot more that $250.

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