Mom Ran Away With Daughter!!


I was married in Ohio in 1990 had a beautiful daughter that I loved more than anything ,she was my world! My ex and I did not get along we were together since high school and very young!We fell out and I wanetd a divorce and I told her that I wanted custody and I was going to fight for it with everything I had in me!! fathers day was the very next day,I was told to ake my daughter and have a good day together ! Well Fathers day came and no daughter no ex so I called everyone in her family and they all said they did not know where they were ,that they was supposed to be coming to y house so I can spend time with my daughter! So I waited and waited and they never should up and not even a call!So the next day I called her sister and she informed me that my ex and my daughter borded a plane and took off and they did not know where to! This absolutely crushed me I had already filed for divorce and waswaiting for the lawyer to fileit with the courts well since she took off and we did not know where they were I was told then by my lawyer that now I would have to wait a year before I could get divorced or if I find her and she could be served then I could get divorced after that !

Well we never found her so th year went and I went to court thinking I am finally going to get divorced and orderd custody of my daughter because I am sure my ex won't be showing up! Well she did not show up but the courtshad found out where she was through publc assistance in Washington State so they served her there! She still did not show and the courts granted me the divorce but told me they could not order custody or chil support because they had no jurisdiction because they had been in Washington 6 months or longer! I was crushed but what culd I do I was only 19 and did not have the kind of money it would have taken to make it to Washington and file there! I feel they should have givin me custody if she had been served and still did not show!Any way 5 or 6 years later I was hauled into court for childsupport and I stated if you didn't have jurisdiction years ago how do you have it now? Well they would not answer they just said well Washington is asking for it! I don't agree with thisbut it was orderd and I had to open an account at a bank and put moniesin there for cs!

Well noone ever took i out over a year and times got hard so I had to use some of the mones since they were no taking it! I never heard a word from cs for 3 years and I finally got a call from Washington stating they want money for support because Ohio is telling them that they on't enforce it because they didn't havejurisdiction! So I called Ohio cs and they saidthey have dismissed it due to not having jurisdiction ! So I was happy to hear that meanwhile I have never seen my daughter and still don't know where she even lives! So 3 or 4 years later my employer ges a with holdng order from Ohio cs so he sends monies from my pay to them he had no choice ,so I called them and once again they suppossedly have jurisdiction again!! Well work had slowedf way down I was a self employed floring installer and our work was really going south and I had to find other companys to get work from and it was just slow all over Ohio! Well Work slowly started to pick up and I ended up becoming disabled and unable to work at all My doctor has writen letters for cs so that I could modify support for my other children I ended up having in my lifetime which I see all the time weekends ,wednesdays and holidays, and vaccations and special events and such !They order that support to 0 ongoing support I owe nothing but I pay what I can to help out and pay it directly to cs.

I only recieve money that my wife gets from the goverment I have no income at all and waiting for ssi and ssd ! Any way i thouoght it would modify both accounts in cs since it is the same agency well it did not so I was talking with the case worker for the Washington support trying to fix the situation and to terminate the support because my daughter is 19 and she dropped out of school God knows when found her on myspace 2009 ! Well they are saying I owe till June 2010 which is way wron it should have stopped the day she dropped out let alone even when she turned 19! The first woman I spoke with in August told me I could not modify it because it will end on her birthday in September and there was not enough time, so once again back to the game playing well The next guy I spoke with was really nice and he was to send me modification and termination papers ,but I never recieved them so I called him up and that is when he informed methat they are stating that I owe till June 2010 .But he said he is going to investigate and see when she droped out and start termination on that date! Well next thing I know I get a letter stating that this layer could help me in my upcoming criminal case! So I called the clerk of courts and found out that They have a warrant out for my arresy for felony of non support of dependants! Geesh I called cs and told them I was working with you so something like this didn't happen and he said when he wasn't there one day omeone took it to the legal division! That it was out ofhis hands that I need to get a lawyer and that me being disabled will be my get out of jail free card ! So I contacted the public defenders office and Ihad to turn myself in and spend a day in jail! Well I was put in the felony tank with robbers and murders and drug dealers , I felt so out of place I am not a felony criminal and I am a great father and love all my kids ,but my ex taking off out of state to avoid custody battle has screwd my daughter and I out of knowing each other not her fault or mine but we do not think of each other like that at all we have no relation to each other she has a great guy she calls dad that was there for her!But I should not be jailed for being screwd out of being a father or even getting to see or hear her ,And the courts know wehave equal custody and in Ohio Case law it says if there is wrongful taking of a child that Ohio can notenforce cs and must eturn her to the state! Well she is 19 and too late to return her ,but they should not be able to do this to me! Guess we will see since I have to go fight for my freedom ! Thanks to a screwd up states ways of doing things!!!

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