Mom threatened with jail by miscalculation of support

by Ashley Wright
(Livingston Tangipahoa)

My daughter is almost 10 years old, and I have been representing myself in her custody conflicts in three different Louisiana Courthouses for 5 years. The exception is the attorney that graciously forgave the balance after enduring a temporary suspension that ensued without trial beginning from false, intentionally defaming allegations from my ex-husband. The entire ex family has chosen to mount a full scale of logical fallacies with the intent to have my daughter alienated from me, and every attorney I consult with states they deal monotonously with the same song and dance, year after year. The alienation motive is for the greedy parents that see profit over children's best interest, and race to get the maximum timeshare the fastest.The potential is that I would be forced to serve time in a civil contempt sentence! Which would mean the taxpayers would carry the burden of supporting non-criminal me, cost of court proceedings, and also supporting my daughter as she is treated for emotional distress through the special education system and therapy under Medicaid. The child psychologist has already concluded that she cannot hold healthy concentration without my LOVE & EMOTIONAL TIES & SIGNIFICANT RELATIONSHIP!

I have always wanted equal, shared, balanced attention and time from both parents FOR my daughter. The law here clearly states that Joint Custody means the time should be shared equally between the parents. The tripwire to the move from my exhusbands counsel was to have me sign a document in a hurry before I could have it inspected by legal aid, as the first attorney that represented me withdrew after claiming he had made errors in my case admitted in several letters. Vagueness gave way to a lack of law enforcement's ability to intervene and actually get my daughter back to me, but they could voice their opinion of the emotional damage this withholding was causing my daughter.

Over several years, my daughter's case has been through the roller coaster of pleadings and filings, followed by non progressive judgments and more resistance from the ex (non compliance). Physical abuse, emotional abuse, poor grades, ADHD evaluation, psychologist, therapist, and LA law allows a parenting coordinator to "help" (co$t) with specific conflicts. While I am grateful for the help and relief provided to my daughter through the judges and clerks and program administrators, I have been extremely misjudged. Once I found out that my ex was trying to frame me for ANY applicable, stereotypical excuse that "non custodial" extremeties reach, I had hair follicles cut and stored to prove the absence of drugs. Thankfully, I approached the Chief Justice and requested OurFamilyWizard....and being accountable was approved 9 months prior to my exhusband being ordered to participate! Which, proved his intentional lack of response, stonewalling, and planting confusing exchange details to posture the situation as though I was unreliable and irresponsible. I tried to tell him from the beginning, the goal should always be to spend the efforts and resources on our daughter, and I made choices that provided him the opportunity to act fairly. I was very naive to the margin of terror that allows a controlling and manipulative parent to prevent the child from equal, shared time. My daughter and I are still without provisions that keep normal mother daughter custody(s) from being measured with indenturing and involuntary servitude. I have piles of paperwork that prove several times over, the extremes, the lies, the damage to the child and the intention to sabotage my ability to work full time. I have pictures of nails behind my car after it had just returned from the tow company and wages due to me that cannot be disbursed from "garnishment" from miscalculations on a support order. I am continuously threatened with jail sentence because the public defender has not requested a deviation (when I requested the child support order be vacated pro-se it was dismissed) which makes the ancillary court appear very corrupt in ignoring the near-equal timeshare, and imputing my wages to qualify me to be the PAYOR to my ex-husband. I spare the backstory of how we divorced over the pimping circumstances of his financial demands. The disturbing element is that the counselors involved forward/continue (the evasive trick) the hearing of evidence of those payments actually made by me. I have distributed copies, filed the cancelled checks as exhibits, and the enforcement program still shows that I am the non-custodial parent "owing" over $18,000 dollars.

I am tired of the measurement against me, pivoting my innocent child as collateral, to the profit of her antagonistic father for that cliff margin.

Please understand, we have run the numbers so many ways till lethargic- 3 MORE days a MONTH of my daughter physically being with me, and he would be "liable" for nearly $493 to me instead! So I really do get the fear of fathers, but I encourage everyone to please please, consider your child's mental health and budget tightly before you ever take the other parent to court over a fraction of a paycheck!! Seek out the grants and resources for single parents in your community and be a good steward of your time.

People are in disbelief that a guy who was GIVEN ample time in a consent decree would then turn around and use his little girl so extremely vindictively. I love my daughter and respect her need for her father, and I would never withhold my support or his time. Exhaustion from working long hours and years of this case brought me to a support group, and I am so very grateful to our churches and community, and a Heavenly Father that sees the constant truth.

I have seriously considered a petition to have this case remanded, because all of the child services reports encourage the balance that he fears. I don't have the funds, but I do have a voice and I hope you will help me get the best parent share for my daughter.

If I go to jail for experiencing the inability to pay child support from a miscalculation and manipulative efforts, I hope it's clear how you can help.
I need a pro bono attorney, and I need a custody evaluation by an expert in the field of alienation, specifically the conflict caused by the margin that profits the withholding parent. I need your prayers and possibly your signature. My goal is to sit on the 2016 Board to Review the Louisiana State Child Support Guidelines, as a testimony to how tormenting the loopholes in the law can be left unaudited and in the hands of greedy tyrants.

No amount of money will ever compensate the wounds left on a childs heart from a loving parent forcefully distanced and indentured. - Ashley Wright 2014

Ephesians 2:14

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