Monroe County, PA

My Fiancee has been paying child support for almost 10 years on his daughter. When the child support order was made it was my fiancee voluntarily agreeing to pay $280 a month. At that time he had a decent paying job.

Roughly 2 and a half years ago he was found disabled after falling off our roof and badly damaging his ankle to the point that he walks with a cane. He was told by numerous doctors and specialists that he would not be able to work again. We then had to rely on my income, which was minimum wage working 10-20 hours a week. We tried keeping up with the support but when I walked out of work with barely $300 a month, how were we going to put all except $20 towards the support? My Fiancee is still in the process of trying to get ssi which will hopefully come through in a few months.

He filed for a modification but was told flat out NO. even though he had no income and my income only could pay rent. We've been evicted 3x in the last year and are now facing yet another. The county that the support order is in is Monroe County, PA. His ex is VERY Wealthy and VERY well known and friends with alot of the authority figures in that area. He recently got a part time job (which ssi gave him the ok to do) seeing as though we couldn't make it on what little I make.

We were just in court again for this (she takes us to court the same week every year, which is the week before her birthday and if he lands in jail he will miss both his children's birthdays). The last few times we were able to pull together enough money to pay off the dues by borrowing money from family and friends but this time we were not. The only reason he is not in prison this time is due to another judge. His Ex though will within the next month or so be pulling us back into court (like she loves doing) and who knows what will happen then.

He also has visitation of his daughter but has been refused to see her every time he asks. We do not live close to them so its impossible to have her every time the visitation is for but we do try to get her for weekends (which he is court ordered to have every other). Even if we are to take her to court over it, we would walk out with no change.

The judges in this county have told him he should be castrated (which was extremely rude) and also made a comment about me. He has 2 children that are a year apart and yes they are with 2 different women. And yes there is an age difference between my fiancee and I but that is not any of their business.

We are now trying to have part of the support case transfered but have to get permission from Monroe county which they keep refusing to do. Does anyone have any advice on what can be done. I know for a fact this is not the only unfair case in Monroe county.

His daughter means the world to him and he does what he can to help try to support her.

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