Mother denied visitation for over 6 months

by Mizrahi

When my son's mother and I split up in 2004 after the death of our 4 week old daughter. I had already been voluntarily giving her bi-weekly support on what we both had agreed was fair and I had my son on my days off. She immediately filed for child support services through the state thinking she would get substantially more than I was already giving her. After court she actually ended up with $5 less per week, but I maintained my off-day visitation schedule with my son...

In 2005, I gain custody of my daughter from another mother. I don't see/hear from daughter's mother for several years and have received NO financial support as of Summer 2011.

In 2006, Son's Mother spends the time she doesn't have my son to get knocked up by illegal aliens rather than get a job to support herself and my son.

In 2007, Son's Mother then refuses to answer/return my phone calls or answer the door to the apt she's living in. This goes on for several months, I take my court ordered visitation the the Sheriff's Dept. Response "This court order is too old". My thoughts, "A 3 year old custody order is too OLD to be enforced?!" I'm forced to file against her for custody, through a slew of no-show, last-minute cancellations and crap with her lawyer (whom dropped her later in the case due to lack of payment and refusal to communicate, go figure). Reasons vary from: she's sick, her newborn is sick, she's pregnant, she doesn't have a ride, etc....

My Reward: I lose the Weekly: Thursday, Friday, Saturday visitation schedule I had and it is changed to alternating Saturday/Sundays. This ALL changed in the span of 1 minute from a worthless Judge that only cared about getting out of the courtroom: 1st Visitation To Remain as-is, "he's in school" she says. 2nd Visitation to be every weekend, "I won't ever get to see him" she says. 3rd Visitation every other weekend.

Finally, I'm forced to pay 100% of my attorney's fees, as well as 100% of the Mediation costs that the Court ordered each of us to pay 50% (Mediation must be paid for in advance, and she didn't have the money.) Thankfully, the child support hasn't been raised yet but I'm sure that'll happen eventually.

Sadly, each birthday I celebrate my son's birth and one less year I'll have to pay that lazy woman child support for my son that she tells "I can't afford to buy you anything". Yet she and her two daughters manage to have their hair done at a salon every month.

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