Mother run off with child

by Kyle Eckhoff
(Farmington Mo U.S.)

My name is Kyle I'm from Farmington Missouri and I was with a girl for a short period of time and things were going great. I got her a job, out of the trailer she was staying in and into a nice townhouse. I then set her up with a job and a vehicle though not much, it was everything that I could do.

A few months went by and we found out that she was pregnant but six months into her pregnancy she had been out of her job for months I had used all of my money to get her out of jail for driving a non-registered vehicle with expired temp tags and driving while revoked 2-3 times (which she never took care of to my knowledge). That's when I told her to let that vehicle go and I purchased her one but soon after the stress of the relationship was too much and she went to her dads in Ponca City, Oklahoma.

We were supposed to work it out that I went up there with her to raise my child and be a family but she called me crying saying she had sex with someone else and was in love with that person. I tried to reason with her but nothing worked. It took me another six months to get the car back none of her family would give me contact information and I had no clue how my child was doing.

My child was born in January 08' and I've been labeled a "bad dad" because she called my parents and I didn't have a phone to go see the birth (which by the way was a 10 hour drive) The next time I talked to her I told her that I wanted to drive up and see my kid and she said ok but when I asked for my car back she said no, either I see my kid or I get the car one or the other.

I drove out there and told her she couldn't use my child against me and that I have rights and she said "go to the courts then" and when I attained my vehicle back there was damage all over it, all the windows were down letting rain in there was no gas, antifreeze, oil or power steering fluid in it either.

I just received a letter in the mail saying Oklahoma is suing me for $4,000 back child support and that I owe her $457 a month and I have 36 weeks to come up with it but I also have $430 a mo truck payment $500 a mo rent utilities and food for my girlfriend and our little girl. We're also having a kid together and both excited about it.

The problem is that I make $16 an hour and the Child Support papers have down I make $3,300 a month, also I'm down for paying 76.5% of everything that goes on with the child and all the lawyers I try and council with say that I need to get a Lawyer in Oklahoma. How am I supposed to find a good lawyer so far away? I defiantly can't live and provide for my family and pay all of this.. I don't know what to do.
Please, help me out with this.

Thanks, Kyle

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