Mother who has no vistitation rights!!!

by Crystal Swope
(Monticello, Arkansas, usa)

I am a good mother. I had to go to California 2 years ago to help my sister when she was ill and could not take care of her children. At that time I was still in the mist of going to court and keeping in contact with my lawyer. One day while I was down there my lawyer all of the sudden stopped contacting me. I kept calling him everyday and left voice messages on his phone on when the next court date was. I was NEVER contacted on the court date. I then decided to go back to Arkansas.

When I got there I had received a letter in the mail saying that my abusive ex husband has gained custody of my child. I started to cry and wonder why this has happened, of course I know why, It was because his aunt is the JUDGE!!! Why would they give me custody, I am a good mother and have custody of my older child of 9 years of age. I then preceded to go and see my youngest son. I even got a cop to go with me, and even brought along the visitation papers!!!

My ex started screaming at me and calling me names right in front of the cop and the cop did nothing, he basically laughed in my face and said he could do nothing. I continue to pay my child support because I want the best for my son. I know I have a GREAT INJUSTICE sitting right in front of me, cause my older son does not get to know his younger brother. I called a lawyer they said that " I abandoned my child" I did no such thing. I tried to go and see him but how can I when the so called Justice System is against me. If anyone out there can help me please email me at I love my children so much and to be away from my child is so hurtful. Please Help!!!!

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