Mother wont let me see my daughter

by Brian
(Knoxville TN)

Me and my ex GF split on Feb 19th. I was not on birth certificate because my GF at the time said it was better for our daughter to have Tenncare since we both made little money. I hated the idea but caved. I wanted my little girl taking care of.

Come to find out we both qualified for Tenncare even though we fought tooth and nail about getting her insurance (Mom didnt want to pay the $20 copay).

Anyway we split and shared our daughter untill Aug 4th when she up and decided she wasnt going to let me see her anymore.

I have been in my daughters life since day one and had a pernity test done. We go to court for support on Aug 30th. I thought we would go to court for support and custody. Well come to find out there was no custody anything in the works.

I went to Juvenlle Court today to fill the form out to get this started. Why do I have to pay Child Support f I have no Visitation rights yet? Shouldnt I be able to see my daughter?

I have a journal of everything me and my daughter did and a journal for all the mean things my ex said to me about being in control.

I nevered imagined she would just yank my little girl out of my life. Yes I know I have no rights being an unwed father but this isnt right. I may have to go months without seeing my little girl. Her and I had more of a bond then Her and Mother.

We will have to go to mediation but she isnt going to agree on anything with me. So this s going to go to court. Do judges really care about the best intrest of the child???? Because wouldnt the best intrest of the child not to take one parent out of her life?

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