Mr J Elliott

by J Elliott
(Denver Co, USA)

For the last 14 years, I was in the military and moved around a lot and it was kind of hard to see my daughter from an ex-girlfriend. I have been paying child support for my daughter and I to have been denied rights to see my little girl (now a teenager). The reasons were, "You live too far from Texas," "I'm not going to let my baby fly on the airplane," "My Baby does not wanna go." I married a white women and she (Mother) said "I dont want my baby to call no white women momma," Once I lived in Alsaka in 2003-2005 and this women and I made arrangements to finally see my daughter. I purchased the ticket a month in advanced to see my daughter to see her & when the time came within the week for my daughter to come I called to make sure she was still coming.

The mother who is a special case, asked me how close was I to the war (Iraq)because she did not want her daughter to get shot. Remember I live in Alaska. So I laughed and told her I was not close to the war. Five days prior to my daughters departure I called again again & again. No answer because they was checking the caller I.D, I then called from a different phone and the Grandmother answered the phone conversation took place and she told me that they were not going to let our daughter to come and see me because it was to far. So I was out $200 for the plane ticket this caused stress on my marriage that led to other things and finally a divorce.This is not the first time that I purchased a plane ticket for my daughter to come and see me.

I only saw my daughter six times in her 14 years of life. I had to sneak and try to talk to her on the phone when she goes to my dads house since he lived in Tx. My daughters mother fills my little girl head up with lies, saying that I love my younger kids that I have with my wife more than her and that I dont care about her & scares her about flying planes. This caused my daughter and I to not have a father & daughter bond. As a man I can say that this hurts because I grew up without a real strong comforting father figure. I vowed when I was younger never to let my kids go through what I did. Todays date is 4-4-09 and I finally got in touch with my daughter a few days ago because we can talk on a cell phone she has and without anyone hanging up or ignoring my phone calls. She actually told me she actually wants to come and se me. I live in Denver now and I'm excited to have all my kids this summer. I just hope that I can afford it due to that I remarried and my wife now has two of her own and I have two from my ex-wife plus my older daughter. Maybe Oprah will read this and help me out with the plane ticket lol. Thank You for reading this.

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