Mr. Maurice T. Pierce

by Maurice
(Wheelersburg, Ohio, Scioto co.)

My son's mother and I divorced in 1999. Everything was going fine until 06 when I met my wife now. After meeting my wife now my x stopped me from seeing my son. I tried to reason with her to no avail. I then filed with the court system for a contempt charge. This was a total mistake. She told the court system that I pulled a gun on her. She had no witnesses, photos, I have never had any history of crime or arrests in my life. I have only had minor traffic violations (such as speeding) in my whole life. The court took my military past and used it against me. They found that in their opinion that I needed to not be in my son's life. They stripped me of my rights as a father for no reason. I know that this seems crazy but it is true. I tried to file a appeal but the judge dismissed it without even hearing the case. I have contacted several lawyers and they informed me that her attorney was friends with the judge and they would not represent me. You see in this small town if you try to come to court with an out of town lawyer the court system will be against you. It sickens me to read the court findings.

It reads that due to my military background that they believe me to be hostile and dangerous. Due to this they found that I was an unfit parent. They tried to order me to anger management classes and counseling with my x. I told them I see through their program and they will not get another dime out of me. My only hope is that someday me and my ONLY son will be reunited. It has been over 43 months since I have seen, heard, looked at him. I tried to send him a birthday card and her attorney sent me a nasty letter stating that if I try to contact him again I would be back in court.

I am totally amased at our court system. The very country that I served in very difficult times, used this against me and treated me like a monster. I have come to find that this is happening alot to other service members. I'm not stupid I know that this is a money making system for the states. All they wast for me to do is pay child support and not be a part of my son's life. When I was in his life he was a clean cut young man who loved football. Now he looks like a gothic doper (thanks to my-space for the photos). I suppose this is what the court system wants for the future. People who have no backbone who will take what the system dishes out. I suppose in 14 months when the child support is over she will tell him he needs to be in my life. Then I will try to help him in life. This has been so hard for me. The first year I thought I would loose my mind. I can actually say that this has been the hardest problem I have ever faced in my life. This my only child that I will never get to see in high school, have a first date, learn to drive, play sports, It's not about me so much. It is about what he lost. He and I were best friends. I was his baseball and football coach.

We had planned on buying an old hot rod and restoring it. All of the joy of being a parant is being robbed from me and all of the love that I could have shown him and all of life experience I could helped him with, (Gone.) What I am stuck with now is paying a large child support payment every month regardless.

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