My children were taken away without an investigation


I am the mother of 3 beautiful children, I lived in Southern California with my youngest son who at the time was 4 years old, because I let my mother talk me into letting my older 2 children stay with her and finish school instead of taking them out of school to move with me (the biggest mistake of my life!)I ended up moving back to Northern California to be with my children and was living with my mother until I found a place (I am on Section 8) My mother and I got into an argument after I spanked my daughter which was on the arm and behind (I am being very honest I was beaten not spanked when I was younger) on a Thursday and the next day which was Friday me and my mother got into another argument which resulted in her trying to choke me and me pushing her, I tried to leave to cool off and she followed me.

I went outside to cool off and the next thing I know my mom took my kids and left in her car (I had no car at the time) I stayed across the street at a friends house because my mother locked the doors and the next thing I know a police officer is rolling up asking who I am and then putting me in handcuffs and is asking for a statement of what happened that day on Friday! they told me my mother went to Children's hospital and said I beat my daughter and then called cps on me I was very shocked because I had spanked my daughter right in front of my mother who told my daughter at the time "you shouldn't be bad and you wont get in trouble" (my mother believes in discipline as I was beat with extention cords, belts, and any other thing you can think of when I was younger) and the spanking happened on Thursday and not Friday, Friday being the day my mom chose to go to the police after our argument! I was then let out of the handcuffs after talking with the police and called the hospital to tell them I was going to come get my children and the other police officer who took my statement and left (there were 2 police officers there that Friday and one left)told me that my children were going to stay with my mother! their was no paperwork and no cps worker involved at the time! the next day I was served with a temporary restraining order that included my children in the restraining order (it was dismissed at the court date) then I received papers that my mother was filing for guardianship of my children and was contacted by a cps worker, the cps worker came to visit me to ask me several questions then told me that she was closing the case out because it seemed to her that me and my mother are feuding over my children because of a "who has more power over the kids" than it does the "children being neglected or abused" so I went to court when the court date was set not one time did anyone investigate my side or my new home or me at all! i have a 3 bedroom home very clean as I am O.C.D with cleaning and my mothers home which is a one bedroom and their is mildew in her home, it floods in there as she lives at the bottom of my Grandfather's home! there is no room and it is cluttered with all sorts of things! my mother jumped on public assistance and applied for section 8 with my children and she receives disability checks and also SSI checks, my mother is an ex correctional officer and has sued the state of Washington many times and won so she knows her way around the courtroom she told the judge I moved around a lot and the judge told me I showed a lack of maturity because she told the judge two things and that is 1st: I was playing with my kids at my home one time when she was visiting and we were playing on the stairs going down the stairs with blankets and she felt that was childish! I told the judge I interact with my children and play with them and its in the comfort of my home and no one is being hurt its fun to my kids when mommy plays with them and 2nd: That I moved to Washington because my oldest son wanted to get to know his dad and be around him more and know his siblings from his dad's side, after finding out for himself that his father just didn't have any time for him, my oldest son and the rest of my kids wanted to move back to California to be around their family so I packed up and moved back to California for my children!

the judge told me I showed a lack of maturity for listening to my children and moving around, my mother told the judge I was bi-polar and had records of being bi-polar (which has not been found by no medical or mental examiner yet to date)so the judge ordered me to take parenting and anger management classes and get a mental evaluation before he will let me visit my children without supervised visits, I tried to get help from local attorneys and even free or low cost places and no one could help me because of the economy the pro bono lawyers did not do probate or guardianship cases because there was no one with that background there! I tired everything I could and even started the classes even though I disagreed with the decision, and then couldn't get to my classes any longer because I had no way or no funds to get there! after having to have supervised visits every Sunday I was even deprived of my visits with my children because my mother who is a control freak said if I was even a minute late coming to see my kids she wouldn't let me see my kids! and I filed numerous papers about it and the court did nothing about it! I even had my family who witnessed how she did me sign a paper and I filed it in the court case and nothing was done, I had no clue what to do in a court case situation and everywhere I went they acted like I couldn't do anything or I had to do what the judge said in order to get things done, my problem is I was insulted by a judge saying I showed a lack of maturity for things I feel kids should do with their parents, I feel I was violated of my rights, stripped of my children, I am not on drugs, alcohol, nor am I anywhere near bi-polar, I use to work for the government at F.E.M.A and I couldn't and still cant get no justice, After 2 and half years of struggling by my self and finally able to take the classes I am trying to get my children back still to this day! I feel the Judicial system has holes beyond this world and that's why I do not vote at all! their is no help for mothers who are mistakenly accused of something but have never been convicted of the crime accused of, I had absolutely no help from Alameda County in California and they took my children from me and ruined my heart and my life and I feel there is no reason to live anymore without my kids! because I truly tried every research and avenue I could being homeless and without money! Thanks Alameda County and Judge Olean for really destroying not only my children's life but mine! Judge Olean you shouldnt be on a judge panel as your grade for a judge has been marked an F all over the internet! and you should be sat down because you dont belong in the court system, my story is one of thousands out there! good mothers destroyed by the Judical system! DO NOT VOTE BECAUSE IT DOESNT EVEN MATTER! THEY CARE ABOUT THEMSELVES AND THEIR OWN NOT US!

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Sep 01, 2011
by: Anonymous

Is like that saying, The Gov puts an innocent person in Jail or in Prison for a Crime that they NEVER had done nor DID, Just to see the OUTCOME of that Person?

Now we all know, Is NOT a good OUTCOME....etc

So, that's what the GOV is doing to US right now .... MEN'S, WOMEN'S ..... to all OF US !!!

Their USING and DOING the same thang/Experiment/Snow Balling Samplimg on us ......The Same Way.....LIKE


THE MAIN FOCUS IS ON THE .. Direct Attorney ......Hell with the Jugde.

Aug 27, 2011
My children were taken too.
by: Zakiyyah

I dont what happen but i went to jail in arizone about 3 months of me getting out, i recieved a letter stating my right were terminated, the last thing i did was wrote a letter for my father to recieve afdc for my kids. Then my kids were given to my father. Ive heard my daughter was adopted to my father but i dont know. I havent seen my kids since 1998 and my father wont let up. It hurts so bad, i try to do things to forget my kids on a daily basics cause it hurts so bad. What can i do, alameda county and martinez county in california are foul.

Aug 20, 2011
A relationship between a mother and daughter is at the very LEAST (complicating).
by: Ray Ellen Schultz

Every thing will be okay. Mother's and Daughter's tend to have a somewhat complicated yet very loving and special relationship.

It will get better I promise. My mom passed away 8 yrs. ago in June,2003 my dad went 6 months later. We fought all the time well, argued. Do I ever miss her VOICE. Just to hear her one more time and hug her. Your conflict will not last forever. I'm assuming their Father is out of the picture? Be glad their with her if that is the case.

My parent's loved my DAUGHTER'S more then they loved their own daughter,me. I was glad my parent's Loved my daughter's that much. To bad their Dad didn't do the same. He was DEADBEAT daddy DEAREST both financially and emotionally so was his dad, GRANDPAPPY DEAREST(emotionally). Deadbeat dad, deadbeat granddad.

Think it through it will get better. Make sure your in their at all times. Stop fighting with your mom. You'll never win the battle puts STRESS in your CHILDREN'S environment. It sounds like she did a good job with you. Be glad she LOVE'S your CHILDREN(remember) her GRANDCHILDREN you'll always be their mom.

Like my 18-19 year old daughter's say to me. Chill out mom (breath)I hate it when they say Brrrrreath!!

Aug 19, 2011
talk to the feds
by: Anonymous

Tthat the problem here is you tried going through the state.What they did was what you said it was violation of your rights.What you should have done is go federaly see thhe state sets up laws other than the federal government but what they hope is people won't realize federal law trumps state law no matter what what I would do is go through the feds and press federal charges of kidnapping against your mother and the state.The thing is you do not have to let child protection in your home even if there is a cop with them if they force it they are by federal law violating your rights and committed kidnapping.You see if you don't know the laws and your rights that the federal government gives you the state will trample all over them and they sure are not going to tell you.

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