My name is Garfield Isaacs of Mount Vernon, NY. My trouble started on September 2008. I was breifly dating a woman from outer state Florida (approximately 3 months).I did not know her that well, I was observing and trying to learned to communicate with her, but after three months we decided the relationship is not working out, so we would seperate and go our ways. My daughter at the time was 16 give a little trouble here and there.

She cohere with my daughter to leave my house when she is leaveing. So she promised my daughter all kinds of material things. She then call the Mount Vernon Police and make up an alligation that I hit her son. I had to explained tp the police that was a lie. There were no evidence of that by the police. The following week while I was out of town, I took my daughter to stay with my brother's kids as usual thing I do when I am going out of town, After I left to go out of town she went and pick up my daughter at my brother's house and she get an electrician to remove my light fixtures from the ceiling and walls. She had bought a Microwave that was installed to the kitchen wall, she had it removed and take all the food I had in the house. She then call childern services that I abondoned my home, left the house without any food and abondoned my daughter.

This is when my truobled starts, I was drag into court as bad father, they started to garnished my wages, I had to to pay arrears that was also owed to the State, My income taxes was with held by the State even though I payed off the arrears. Until todays date my $5,800.00 Federal & State taxes is still being witheld since 2010. The woman moved to Florida with my daughter, file her taxes claimed my daughter who is not her biological mother and still claimed her for this year taxes also, this is a crime committed and the court does nothing.

My daughter was illtreated by her in Florida, my daughter had to call me several times complaining about the treatment she was receiving, plus she had to leave the house to get way from the problems she was faced with in Florida. On two occations I was called by the Sheriff Department that my daughter had to ran away from the house.I made several complaint to the State of New York who sent my daughter way and they did nothing. They are the on collecting my hard earned wages and send it to Florida and they did nothing.

On December 2010 my daughter left Florida and came back home she said that she could not take it any longer. I filed a reversed modification with the NYS Family Court of New Rochelle in January of 2011 and up until today my this case is not resolved on two occations the judge did not showed up in court, I have been to court 4 times since then. On the first occation I asked the judge to stop the child support from coming out of my wages. The money is still been taken out of my wages and the money is sent to Florida to this woman for doing nothing. I got my daughter in College, feed and clothed her plus other expenses like health care, cell phone bill etc. paid out pocket.

The New York State Family Court system to be reform, its a money making scam on (Good Fathers and law abiding citizens)and it should stop, the Attorney General Officeand the Govonor's need to investigate situations like these and get invloved.

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