My ex husband is such a dead beat dad!

by Lindsey Ashworth
(White plains AL)

When my child was four years old she went on a summer visit to her fathers house. While she was ther, he took her to a known Meth House and left her there. When he went back to get her the house had been raided by the police and the children there had been taken into child protection. I recieved a call from DHR at ten at night. The DHR represenitive that had my baby told me the story and asked me to come to the police station to pick up my daughter. Of course I lrft imediatly to pick her up accompanied by my new husband. When we got to the police station my baby said "Mommy, the police man said everybody get down, everybody get down".

I and my husband had to take a drug test to get her back. The thing that gets me is, they didn't drug test my ex husband there on the spot. They took his word when he told them he had done meth that day with my gaughter there with him.
I took my ex to court to get his visitation supervised and the crooked judge through it out because DHR did not drug test my ex on the spot. Our State Department Officer that he admitted this to got up on stand in court and told the judge that my ex admitted to doing drugs with my daughter with him. The judge through it out saying it was hear say. My baby is eight years old now and still remembers being snached away by police that night. She still has nightmares about what happened to her.

The only person that gets hurt in these cases are the children. On top of all this my ex husband dosn't pay child support. I have had to hire a lawyer to forcibly make him pay. Maybe something good will happen this time.

To all the mothers out there just love your children. All children are special and need you. Best of luck to everyone who has a deadbeat ex husband.

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drug head ex spouse
by: Anonymous

I remember on the day me and my ex where getting a divorce i asked if he could be drug tested so that he wasnt visiting my kids on drugs and to prove to me he wasnt doing drugs either and he told them he wasnt but i new he was because my aunt is a drug addict and she told me he was hangin with her drug dealer and popin pills and smokin crank the courts told me no it wasnt neccissary to do that just because he didnt come in to the court house doing them or acting out he should still be tested for the safty of the children or so i think. i dont do drugs and i dont drink but i had to do drug tests just to keep custody of my kids but i understand that if you place my kids in my care you want to make sure im a safe parent but to let him visit and not drug test him is just unsafe and to allow him to take them on weekend is not safe either

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