My ex-husband is hiding my son from me

by CeCe

The last five years of my life I have been in agony almost everyday. I gave birth to a beautiful little boy in 2007 and immediately post delivery I noticed I didn't feel the same. A few years later I found out that I had been going through post partum depression. I had a bitter break up with my child's father when I discovered he was cheating on me with a 17 year old high school student.

Soon after I started receiving harassing calls from the girl and my ex, they made my life a living hell! I had threatening notes at my door, strangers trying to run me off the road, tires slashed, broken windows, cps came to my apt because they accused me of beating my son(ruled out), child support payments stopped until a DNA test was taken. One day there was a knock on my door and it the police, they had come to take my son.

They presented me with a restraining order in the interest of my son against me, taken out by his dad. His dad hired an attorney and went to court and said that I was beating my son. My ex and his girlfriend called me that night and laughed at me. I was on a fixed income and going through post partum depression, so I went to court without a lawyer. The judge told us that we would continue when I had a lawyer and that mean while my son would stay with his dad and I would get supervised visitations.

I felt devastated and alone. The harassment from my ex continued and he even called kid share and said he was not going to drop off my son so that I could have visitation! I called him repeatedly because I wanted to see my son and because he had taken out a restraining order out on me I was arrested for telephone harassment. I was in jail for two weeks then released on 9 months probation. I arrived at my apt to find my car completely vandalized.

Because I was on probation now I let legal aid handle it, but they could not locate it my ex and my son. I had the police due numerous welfare checks only to come up empty handed. About 6 months went by and I was done with probation, I called the court house to check on the status of the restraining order case, the clerk said it had been closed. So I went back to the last know address to get my son since it was a custody order and my ex's mom told me he had moved out of the state. At the end of my apt lease in august 2009 I moved also to try and get my life back on track and get a more stable job somewhere else, and once I had enough money I would track down my ex and take him to court. So I'm in the new state, I have a car, apt and a job.

I'm on my way to work one day and I get pulled over for speeding the officer tells me I have a felony warrant out of Texas for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. I burst into tears I could not believe it. He briefly tells me that I allegedly held my ex hostage at gun point. I literally had the breath knocked out of me. It was 100% not true just another attempt by my ex to ruin my life.

So I was extradited back to Texas in a van full with fugitives. I was held there for 8 months. My bond was 150,000 due to the "nature" of the crime. At this time I was not a US citizen and I was told by officers, inmates, and attorney that if found guilty I risked being deported. From jail I called my ex and told him told him to tell the truth and cooperate( on voicemail).

Anyways he never responded to anyone about the case so they let me go in December 2010. I spoke with an immigration attorney and he advised me not to contact my ex until I became a citizen, because it was so easy for him to make a false police report against me. I filed for US citizenship and applied to nursing school while I waited. So now as 2012 I am a US citizen and I have tracked down my ex I'm going to pursue custody of my son. It saddens me that its been so long and he doesn't know who I am. I just pray that once my lawyer shows the facts to the court the judge will see what a vile and selfish man he is and give me my son back.

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