My Son Is Old Enough!

I am frustrated with this entire thing for several reasons.

1. the mother of my son, when he was born told me he was not mine. I caught her cheating 5 times with my own eyes. I grew tired of her thinking that she sleeps around too much and I keep catching her at it. so I broke up with her.
during that time I was able to get my life together.

2. jobs saving up for a car and almost independent to move out on my own.. i was 19.
after 3 months of saving to move out the ex-girlfriend came back telling me she has a gift for me (do you think that she was trying to ruin all of my hopes dreams and expectations in life? I do.) i told her I did not want it or anything to do with her because of her unfaithfulness
in the relationship.

After opening the shit gift.. it was baby clothes.. I'm like "what the fuk" this ain't for me, it ain't me and it wont be pinned on me!
she left and I had not heard from her for 12 years. I had been in the army for 7 years by then and just got married and starting to feel comfortable when I got a letter from NYS telling me that I need to take a paternity test. my heart dropped. I could not believe that that same old thing comes back to try to ruin what I have finally built.

My then wife (yes this did break us up eventually im telling you this ex-girlfriend is a home wrecker) told me not to worry about it to take the test. I told her that NYS likes to pin things on men like me. which they did.

So now i have a son who i never did not see. although i was paying support to 2 states because i was in the military in another state. I tried at least 30 times in a 3 year span. it was putting a strain on my then relationship.

When i stopped paying back in 2003 because he was 23 years old i thought I would be able to get my life back on track but the economy went bad. I went back to school to get more training. got a masters and stated looking for work. as soon as i finished school i got an hired and started working... a strange negative feeling started happening I did not know what it was... my supervisor picked up on it and got the administration to let me go.. in the first week.
I was hurt really bad about that.. after a couple of days passed i got a letter from NYS child support enforcements telling me that I owe nothing to them for the case... well why do they still have me on their rolls if i don't owe anything for them.

Putting it together i realize that the ex-girlfriend and the child are a burden to me. I never got to see him. they wont let me work..nys child support and they have smeared my
good name. what did NYS do.. nothing but help a typical down and dirty ex-girlfriend mess up a tax paying citizens life over and over again. and in this all of my rights have been violated. I am so angry, upset and tired of the positions that it keeps me in not being able to positively contribute to society.

by: Anonymous

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Good Luck
by: Anonymous

Welcome to the club!! I have a daughter whom is about to turn 20 and seen her once ! The mom ran from Ohio the second I said I want a divorce and custody .And to beat it all she took off all the way to Washington state! Now afte all these years the cs is trying to come after me ! It is rediculous how women can ruin a mas life by the choices they make! I feel for you and I will pray for ya ! Good Luck with everything!!

One in the Club

if you son is old enough
by: Anonymous

After a child reaches 18 you no longer own anything. Unless you did not pay when they found you to be a parent. However I would say you find a way to get the best not cheapest by best lawyer and check out things. But remember you are not th only one out their that the system is screwing . Be glsd you are not in Texas ,San Antonio Tx it is the worst in the union. Good luck buddy we all are walking in your shoes.

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