by Rebecca

My daughter lived with a man for several years. After having two beautiful little girls, and promising to always take care of them...he found his real "True Love" and her 10 yr old daughter. After spending 4yrs, 6 months, and 29 days for "Sexual Abuse 1st", (victim was a 10 yr old girl), when he went to "Register" as all good "Sex Offenders" do, he gave his mothers address in Moody, AL and to this date has not made a child support payment. He also does not live in his mothers house.

I received word that he was living near Jeff State Jr. College, which is a stones throw away from an elementary school and several day care centers. After contacting "Rose" at DPS, which is where "Sex Offenders" are suppose to report, I was told that until I could give at least a street name of his new location, there was nothing their office could do. She did suggest that I contact the county where his mother lived so they could see if he was at her home. His last address verification was 03/11/2011. She also informed me that if we could not "Prove" he was earning an income, he could not be forced to pay child support.

Why do we have these laws on the books? For honest people who screw up? Why are those that don't follow the rules not punished? After talking to DHR and DPS, the question I am asked is, "Well, if he is in jail how do you think support will be made?" My answer? He's not worth allowing to be free since he's out hanging with the boys, enjoying life and living like he wants to when he has two beautiful, smart and loving daughters that are in need.

The company that my daughter had worked at for 13 years closed their doors and she has been unable to find suitbale employment since. The state allows her about $300 in EBT and she has just gotten the girls insurance through the state.
We contacted one of those "Child Support Collection" companies and was told that he owed too much back child support for them to be able to help. They want over $500 and less than $5000.
The sad part is, these two little girls are growing up with no father and do without a lot. I help all I can and a couple of times a year the other grandmother takes them shopping.
Why can't they make him pay???? I DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!

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Stay Strong
by: Anonymous

Unfortunately, the fact of the matter is that "no one" can make them do anything. They have to want to do it, which most don't. I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 2, all of whose fathers refuse to support, so I understand. If you go to court, all they're going to do is put them in jail if they don't have the money or make them give a little bit toward the debt. If they do end up going to jail and you receive what they owe that one time, they'll come out and do the same thing again, and you'll end up going back to court...and the cycle will continue. It's a waste of time. Again, a parent has to "want" to support and take care of their child. Tell you daughter to stay strong and keep caring for her babies. The reward will be hers in the end.

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