Nebraska Child Support

The state of Nebraska offers child support services through their Department of Health and Human Services.

Nebraska Child Support
These services are available to anyone who has a child support and/or medical support order, or anyone who is interested in establishing one.

Applying For Child Support
Families, who are receiving public assistance, whether it is state or federal aid, will automatically be referred for child support services. Those who are not receiving public assistance can also receive child support services by filling out an application with Nebraska’s Child Support Enforcement Center. There are several ways to apply for services.

By Phone:
You may call Nebraska Child Support Enforcement Call Center at 1-877-631-9973 to request that an application be sent to you. The customer service representative will let you know where to return the completed application.

In Person:
You can apply for child support services by visiting a local child support attorney in your county, or by stopping by your local Health and Human Services child support enforcement office. See below for more information regarding the locations of these offices.

You can also apply for child support services online by downloading and completing an application form. This form can then be printed and sent either to your local Health and Human Services child support enforcement office, or your local child support attorney. See the links below to download the online application form.

When you apply for child support services through the state of Nebraska, you will need to be prepared to provide information and copies of documents that will help your case worker process your application. The child support worker will need as much information as possible about both of the child’s parents as well as the child or children involved. The more information you know and can provide, such as addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and employment details the easier it will be to collect and distribute child support.

Nebraska Child Support Services
The state of Nebraska offers a number of child support services to families in which either parent lives within the state. These services include assistance in locating non-custodial parents, establishing paternity, establishing, modifying, and enforcing child support orders, and collecting and distributing child support payments.

Locating Non-Custodial Parents: One of the primary services provided by Nebraska’s child support program is to find non-custodial parents, whether they are mothers or fathers, who owe child support. The local office can perform a search by calling the non-custodial parent’s friends and family, sending address verification letters to the Postmaster, checking computer databases, and checking with credit reporting agencies. State and federal searches can also be performed to access information from the non-custodial parent’s driver’s license, tax records, military records, and Social Security documents.

Establishing Paternity: In the state of Nebraska, voluntary paternity acknowledgement forms are available at the hospital at the time a child is born. Under Nebraska law, the court will assume the man who signed the paternity acknowledgment form is the father of the child, unless this man obtains proof, such as a genetic test, that he is not.

A genetic test can also be used to determine a child’s paternity. Using a blood or tissue sample from the mother, child, and alleged father, an independent laboratory can determine the mathematical probability that a man is the biological father of a child. A finding must produce 99 percent certainty that a man is the father of the child in order for the results to hold up in court. A genetic test can be requested by the mother, the alleged father, or the child. In addition to securing child support benefits, establishing the paternity of a child will help him or her gain access to other benefits such as dependent benefits under Social Security, pensions, veterans' benefits, medical plans, and rights of inheritance.

Establishing A Court Order For Nebraska
Child Support: Once the basic information has been obtained regarding the child and his or her parents, Nebraska’s child support enforcement office can assist the family in obtaining a court order for child support. Using Nebraska’s child support guidelines, the courts will determine the amount of money each parent must pay toward supporting the child. Once a child support order has been issued by the court, the child support agency will assist the family in collecting and distributing payments.

Modifying Nebraska Child Support Order: Nebraska’s State Review and Modification Unit will review any child support case that is three years old or older, or if there has been a substantial change in the financial or custodial circumstances of either parent. The change must be large enough to warrant at least a 10 percent increase or decrease in the current court ordered amount of Nebraska child support. You can request a review by calling (800) 831-4573. There is no charge to request this review.

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