Need help and honest answer.

by Rebecca
(Montgomery, AL)

I was married to my ex husband for nearly eight years. Our marriage dissolved. We have two children. I have primary custody, he has visitation. However, he does not visit his children. He does not pay child support. I moved out of State because of an extremely unique job opportunity that would provide for the welfare of both children almost triple what I was making in the other state and entitled me to work less hours. A great benefit to all this, My family is with me. When I lived in the other State with the father, I had no family. Well, his family--but that went away with the divorce.

I decided to move out of the father's State due to no contact with him. When I mean no contact--I did not know where he lived nor knew a phone number or address of his. I had to go through his mother to get to him. We moved after 3 years of no contact with the biological father. We have not seen or heard from him for five years.

In November 2010, my oldest daughter disclosed that she had been sexually molested by her father, starting at the age of 8 until we moved--she was 11. She is now 15, and is in therapy due to her post traumatic episode. This was bought on when she was asked to a junior dance by a guy at school, the event is chaperoned, I am one of the parents supervising the event. Evidently, her date wanted to kiss her, she consented, and she had a flashback of her father abusing her and started screaming and kicking her date.

This was how I found out she was abused. We filed a report. We did not hear from the authorities in the State/County my ex lived in.

I wanted to know, will I lose my children because of this issue? We are worried because I moved out of State, he will reverse the issue and try to hold me in contempt.

I know that this may not be the right place to put this. But, I honestly want answers from your community of fathers. What rights does my ex still have? Since these allegations will I lose custody of my children.

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