I have reported this fraud to the general attorney and have yet to see anything done, here we have child support fighting for the childrens father to support their children. When child support forms are filled out they should ask for some kind of proof he owes. This alone can cause a big financial burden on the father. It leads to back child support and interest which keeps adding up and gets way out of control. The mother of my grandchildren she file for child support she gave a false date of when she separated which she was not entitle to as long as she was living with him and he was taking care of his children and her.

The amount of money was incorrect as well, when I brought it to her attention were did they get this amount from she responed I don't know, the hell she didn't when I told her he don't owe that amount she said she knew as years have gone by it is one hell of a back child support amount. Well LADY FRAUD at the time was employed for an airlines making a decent salary. She met MR. FRAUD which she met at her place of employment. Mrs Fraud was accepted for public housing and took Mr.

Fraud with her which I understand it should of been for her and her children not Mr. Fraud and new baby we all know two employed people should not be living in public housing and pay no rent it is stated on court documents she pays no rent and Mr Fraud should have never lived with her, that can be verified through public housing application. Mr. & Mrs. Fraud also decided to have a child. While living in housing and both being employed they were able to live the lavish lives having two new vechicles, vacations, breast lifts, tummy tuck.

At the end of all this I realize the government sure don't want money back from all this fraud Mr & Mrs. Fraud committed. Child support it is not the concern of the father's how child support is spend but I beg a difference so you pay child support to keep a roof over the children's head, food, clothing but where does it say the fathers should also support the boyfriends and children of theirs as well. Maybe the government don't want them to repay for their fraud. We need a new law in effect immediatetly for all father's who support these womans boyfriends and their children to be reimbursed. Mrs. Fraud is in need of a mental evaluation as well, she not only got her children taken away for Mr.

Fraud hitting them the children had to leave this government housing and live with their dad. what is wrong with this picture? That housing was for the children not him she is lucky to have gotten her children back which when this happened it just broke my sons heart. I hope that the government starts to do his job and as well as the employess of the State Of Illinois, don't want to hear about dead beat dads what is he going to do with the dead beat boyfriends and their children that are illegally living in public housing and collecting food stamps and free loading off the poor inbalance mental girlfriend. I hope when all this is over the children are back where they belong and she gets what she deserves which I call JUSTICE.

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