Never Gonna Give Up

by Lawanda Hooker
(El Paso, Texas)

Since I have been in El Paso, Texas, I have struggled to help my children adjust to leaving friend and family in Washington State. I won't get into the details about why we are here, I just know that it has been a tremendous struggle, and that we have faced some very devastating issues. My children in the home are 13 and 16. My ex-husband now owes close to 49,000 in back child support and lives close to 10 hrs away, but doesn't have time, nor want the time with them. I have watched my children's heart break because of this, but I am never gonna give up on loving them or showing them how to overcome. I have consistently given his information out to Child Support and now once again he has a warrant for his arrest. He knows of this, but he doesn't feel they will catch up with. He doesn't even file his taxes. I have been my children's full parental support all their lives. I am currently married to a man that doesn't have any idea how to recognize a family in need of love and children who need a father ( my fault). Although he is an awesome provider, the true love that is needed in the home is worth more than any support, or material wealth that could ever be given. That been said, I want to share this with all the parents out there that have love in the home (whether biological or not), that although you should seek the financial support of the non-custodial parent which is yours and your children's right, always cherish that one that is supporting you or blessing you in the home, whether that may be a parent or a spouse. Let them know how much love and thankfulness that you have for them. Don't let the circumstance ever cause you to give up or feel that your situation is hopeless. Our children need us and we are who the look at everyday for their strength and support, whether that is financial or not. ..I am "Never Gonna Give Up!" and I encourage you to do the same. God will always make a way out of now way. Just stand still and watch him move.. It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will always be right on time. "Never Give up". There lives are too precious to us.

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by: Anonymous

Couldn't have been said better I'm a single father and have been through so much financialy, emotionally etc., but after three years am a proud part time fathe 49% custody of our awesome daughter who is know 10 and although some times we think it's easy to walk away due to the situations we played a part in someone above was there not every time but there when needed most because of that I have say in my childs schooling parenting not ideal situation never wanted my child to live through a seperation and would've done anything to keep it together but some things are out of our control what other people choose to do as parents is thier life but I can testify that being part of my child life which I understand a lot of father even some mothers are denid can leave a heavy burden on your soul I just want to say the struggle is worth it if it means you get to see that child one more day and bring them hope for a better life through your example and love I still have hard time dealing with a stranger playing dad role in my child's life but the gift of being a dad and being allowed to be part of their lives even for that short time makes it a little easier don't give up even if court system denys you rights if you plug forward you will see the light at the end of the tunnel maybe not today but it will be there when your needed most thanks for words of hope the parents out there who are there for thier children will reap the rewards of their happiness in their eyes for days to come dont give up moms and dads both hey I'm not even religous person good luck

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