Never seen my child

by Al Valenzuela
(Redlands, California)

My child in question is now 14 yrs old and I have never met this child. I was told later that the mom was pregnant and am a good guy and contacted her at time of delivery and said I would take care of child assuming it was mine. Mom said we don't need you go away and never contact us again.

So I felt I said I would step up had a job and money to support it and for her to say that showed me that 1 it's not mine or she's moving on. I contacted family and was upset about all this but was soon cut off from all communication. 7 years down the line I was sent a garnishment for 50% of wages for default.

Papers I never received or saw but my number and parents house remained the same. She could of contacted me and I would of stepped up and she knows that. Right away I was in arrears for 7 yrs. and with interest I ended up paying to date over $40000. The mom knew where I lived married at the time and still no contact.

Then by chance my daughter, now mind u I'm a full custody dad so I'm not a dead beat, came to me and asked,"Do I have a sister,"? I said why, my daughter in question was going to the same school in riverside calif. and was introduced to each other. Since I've tried to get to c my daughter but then the mom up and moved to Texas when she found out this. Now I still pay support and the mom vindictively keeps her from me. I contacted my daughter on Facebook and we talked. She said her mom will get angry if she is caught talking to me so I should ask her to communicate with my daughter and gave me the no.

I called and the mom answered she hung up on me and communication was cut off again and I was so heart broken to have came so close and now I lost her again. I'm a very hurt person that cries time and time again for her. It's like she's been kidnapped and I fund this activity. I'm desperate and if u are a parent imagine losing ur child. I live with that everyday. She lives in San Angelo Texas and I'm here in California paying my life away for what? It's not right!!!! When she moved to Texas I knew this was wrong and her intentions were to collect money to live on cause she waited till she was seven to do this and she could of called me.

A miserable dad that waits for his daughter to hold someday.

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